I'm very pleased to announce that massage therapy is offered in the practice. Please meet Darius - amazing massage therapist extraordinaire!

Book here for a massage. Or text directly 07984 598147

Hello Everyone!

My name is Darius. I came to London in 2010 and since 2014 I've been working as a massage therapist full time.

I'm fortunate to be gifted with strong healing hands which I continuously develop and increase the efficiency of my skills. I focus on the muscular tissue, releasing the tension, dispersing knots and stress accumulated throughout daily activities, (over)working, hectic life and bad posture.

I can incorporate various techniques and classic massage styles to achieve my results such as deep tissue, reflexology, sports, stretching, Thai dry or oil massage, trigger points. 

I also use hot himalayan salt stones during the process to help the muscles relax and make the pain feel less as I often use my elbows when stronger pressure is required. 

Please allow more time for the first treatment so that we can discuss the style and preferences in order to achieve the best results. 

I use organic coconut oil. If any known allergies, no oil or different type can be used.

I usually do full body, head to toe. If you require just some areas, please let me know before starting.

Free parking and shower facilities available. 

To make a booking, please email, call or text, or book online for a massage.

07984 598147. 

£55 - 1 hour hands on work (might take 10 min longer due to the fact that I take short breaks to rest my fingers)

£75 - 1.5 hours

For regular customers
£250 - 5 x 5 sessions of 1 hour

£320 - 5 x 5 sessions of 90 min all paid upfront. 


This is a medical/therapeutic massage, any requests for inappropriate and unprofessional acts, and sexual harassment will not be tolerated and result in terminating the session immediately with no refund.