The Perks of Being Married to a Brit

It's been a busy few months in my home and my home practice.

The change created a settling period and I also went away to attend a few seminars.

Life's been busy!

One of the seminars was in Washington DC for a huge pediatric and family chiropractic wellness seminar, hosted by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, of which I am an active member.

And because I was all the way over the pond, I of course had to make a stop into New York City, my hometown, on my way back to London.

My close friend insisted she take me out to dinner since we only had 24 hours together.

So we wanted to make the best of it.

We went all the way downtown in SoHo to this fantastic restaurant, with a fantastic wine list. 

I had purposefully not eaten lunch because I really wanted to indulge and eat tons of food at this place, as well as letting myself share a bottle of red wine with my good friend.

The food was incredibly delicious (I had this amazing scallop dish with squid and sea urchin risotto!).

My friend had a juicy fillet of steak (for which they are famously known).

The conversation was rolling, as was the time and of course, the wine. 

Pretty quickly, we downed the whole bottle of wine.

We couldn't muster up ordering another one, so we just said, "We'll just have another glass of red please."


Can you guess what happened?

We ordered a few more glasses between each other, and I could tell we passed a certain point of no return.

At least my friend did.

Interestingly, I was feeling great. 

Not too inebriated.

Just right.

However, I could tell that my friend was getting a little bit loud.

We stayed enjoying our meal and wine until the place was nearly empty and the staff was even heading home.

It was time to hail a cab.

I was still feeling fine, but my friend wasn't even able to walk straight towards the taxi.

We get in, and I immediately see her open the window and stick her head out.


All the way back uptown.

On one hand, I was grateful that I didn't feel sick like her.

Then, on the other hand, I thought, "Is this what living in the UK with a British husband does?"

Serious Liver Training.

AKA Very Slow Alcohol Titration Training.

I texted my husband at 2:30am New York time to tell him that there might be schools closing because of a water main pipe bursting and some people had no water in Streatham.

His reply, "What the hell are you doing up?"

"We just got home."

"[surprise emoticon]"

"And you would be 'proud' of me. Your wife-married-to-a-Brit didn't get sick like her American friend wife-married-to-an-American."

Yes people. It's the little things in life that make it all fun and interesting.

And marriage interesting as well.

Bottom line is, I wasn't proud.

In fact, I got back to London and things got busier and busier in the practice.

And then after a few weeks, I realised that it had been nearly a month since I last got adjusted.

(Cue in the Shock Horror music)

I know. Crazy, right?

And guess what, I have had to do some serious catching up to get my system back online, back into high energy-richness, and feeling great.

That's what happens when I neglect what's the most important to me.

(And too much wine drinking.)

My health.

The way I keep myself strong and energised is from my regular adjustments.

I let myself go.

And it was a huge wake-up call.

This past week since Easter I've been adjusted twice already, and I've got my adjustments lined up for myself next week too.

When's the last time you got adjusted?

Do you feel the difference if you miss your adjustment?

Being married to a Brit definitely has its perks, but he's not going to adjust my spine and make my life perfect. 

That's my job.

I'm responsible for that.

So, come on over to my home practice where it's super cozy and really great.

And you get an awesome adjustment!

See you soon!

— Dr MaryAnne


How my trip to the pub was ruined by the British government

We're usually not organised.

My husband and I.

When it comes to our anniversary (12 years today), we usually forget to book anything, let alone get a babysitter in advance.

So for dinner tonight, we just decided to take our whole brood to the pub up the street.

We were starving.

Pub food isn't my usual thing, even thought I love a good burger, and it's been a while since I had a humongous meal with fries and lots of comfort food.

Plus, I've been training like crazy, lifting more weights, and my trainer told me I have to eat more to increase my muscle growth and recovery.

Win for me!

Anyway, my husband went up to the bar to order our food.



The usual.

We scarfed down our food.

(I'm still amazed, and will always be amazed, at how much food my kids can put down, especially my son, and be super lean. I mean, where does it all go?)

We all finished, and then I was in the mood for dessert.

(Right? What girl doesn't want to at least look at the dessert menu?)



Millionaire's ice cream sundae.

Oh My God.

Yes please.

(Cue in shock horror music)

Then, in italics it says,

"1050 calories"

Wait, what?

I kept reading down the list.

Brownie hot fudge sundae:

1200 calories.

Are. You. Freaking. Kidding. Me?

Caramel Toffee Pudding:

985 calories.

I look at my husband with a really pissed off stare.

He looks at me like he's done something wrong.

I blurt out, "One thousand calories? Really? Why the hell are they telling us?"

He answers in relief thankful that it's not his fault this time,

"Oh yeah, blame the British government. It's sort of becoming the law."


Oh, for feck's sake.

Let's order three.

Yes, I ate my share.

Live and let live.

Life's too short.

Carpe diem.

Oh yes. It was goooooood.

Happy Anniversary to us!

Have a great long weekend.

— Dr MaryAnne

Do as I say, not as I do. Mostly.

I like comfort food. 

And red wine.

Sometimes I need them badly.

Like tonight.

Here's a picture of me really pissed off at my husband taking my picture over dinner.



Here are the other two just before that moment.

This one:



And this one:



Let's rewind a few hours more so I can explain.

You see, it was my 8-year-old son's birthday party today.

Everyone was all very excited.

I was even proud of myself for being so on top of things, being organised, as I had booked everything way in advance for this party.

(We even had my daughter's birthday party the day before! Actually, that probably just shows how insane I am. Why do I do this to myself?)

Thirty minutes before the party was supposed to start, my phone rings.

It was the Go Kart company.

"Uh, hi MaryAnne. This is ___ from the Go Karts. Yeah - we, um, can't get into the school grounds. No one is letting us in. Not sure if anyone is here."

Oh shhhhit.

I suddenly had a BAD feeling about this.

"OH. OK. I'm almost there. I'll meet you and hopefully we'll get in."

Twenty minutes later, we arrive, and they are still waiting outside the gate, unable to get in. 

No one is 'home'.

Double shit.

After about an hour of waiting and trying to work something out with a security person, we realise the best thing to do is just leave.

Nothing could be done.

Go Karts go home (they were very understanding about the situation).

So I made the instantaneous decision that we bring the party to my house.

Triple shit.

14 children in my house.

Do I need to keep telling you the story?

Do the photos explain why I had an empty glass of wine, some sweet potato chips, with mayo and ketchup in front of me?

Yes, this evening, after everyone was gone, I was stuffing my face and trying to numb myself silly.

What a day.

It actually all turned out fine.

The no-show at the venue turned out to be the worst thing that happened, luckily.

The kids all had a blast.

The cake was stellar and delicious. 

(Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. So good. The whole thing was devoured in minutes.)

And best of all, my son was happy as a pig in shit.

He loved it.


Now on to my preparations for my week to follow.

Who am I adjusting this week?

Are you getting an adjustment?

You bet I certainly am!

After a weekend like this one, I need at least 2!

What about you?

See you soon - book your adjustment tonight!

— Dr MaryAnne

Oooph. I'm tired.

Right now, I'm supposed to be making this cake for my book club tonight.

It's a crazy crepe-layer cake. 

I know. I know. I have to make a ton of crepes, so I better make this post quick.

I'm procrastinating too. When I'm tired I do that. Don't we all?

I'm a huge procrastinator. 

It took me a while to just admit that, accept it, and just damn well embrace it. 

I procrastinate, but I also work HARD.

The point is, I'm supposed to start making these crepes for this crazy awesome and insanely delicious cake, and I'm also really really tired.

It's that time of year. Christmas, end-of-the-year insanity, kids driving me crazy asking me if they can have what feels like everything in the world, and a husband who is acting like The Grinch.

He actually looks like the Grinch sometimes. Hairy. With a beer belly. 

He actually looks like the Grinch sometimes. Hairy. With a beer belly. 

Still, even with this tiredness, all is pretty damn good.

One of my practice members who has had AMAZING results from her regular chiropractic adjustments has also noticed her son's major improvements from his adjustments.

She told me, "You know what, Dr MaryAnne? My son was skipping to school this morning. And after school. Skipping!"

This is a boy who shuffled in pain to school because he has problems with his feet and ankles, and who has had months of physio to help remedy the problem. 

This mum was so happy, her face lit up, while she was telling me this about her son.

All mums know that feeling. All we want is for our children to feel GOOD and HAPPY, with no worries in life. 

My children are very happy and healthy, and everyday I'm so grateful for that. I know it's also because of how I teach my kids what health means and that we are always fully responsible for who we are, how we feel, why we do things, and what our purpose is.

Sure, that sounds like heavy stuff, but you can always talk to kids about anything. Just make it simple.

There are many people who, when they start coming to my office, share that one of the biggest challenges is juggling everything in life, balancing their activities, and managing their priorities.

For a parent - it's crazy intense most of the time. I get it.

And, as a mum, it's super crazy intense. Most of the time.

All of my mum friends say the same thing. We can all relate to the divide between kids, partner, and work. Plus other random stuff that inserts somewhere in there.

I'm constantly speaking to mums who are maxed-out at full stress levels, with tension so high that they feel they have no reserves, and nothing more to give. 

How does one cope in that state?

When you get to that point, things are generally shit. It's hard to feel grounded and peaceful when you have no escape or even no knowledge on where to get that release.

For me, I know that chiropractic in my life - regular adjustments - keeps me going. 

Sometimes I feel like I've got 10 things going on at once (and yeah, I do feel the crazy tension), and it's doable. I wouldn't want to do things like this all the time. But when they do get stupid crazy, I can cope. 

Of course, there are some other important factors that help me, but the one thing that I couldn't be without are my regular chiropractic adjustments. 

Those are essential for me.

So yeah, I'm really tired right now, and I have to make this crepe cake (because I promised my book club ladies I'd make something fabulous), but I know I'll enjoy doing it, it'll give me pleasure, and I'll be able to recuperate and rest later on feeling good after a solid productive day.

See you at your next adjustment!

— Dr Baker MaryAnne