To the Fabulous Ladies of Streatham Mums':

I'm running another special for the SMN members, offering you 40% off your initial evaluation and adjustment. My normal fee is £75*.  Book yourself in for an initial visit for £45. Plus, with that, the rest of your whole family, significant other included, are FREE for their initial evaluation and adjustment!

So mum, if you're feeling stressed, have aches and pains in your body, and need some guidance - there's nothing to lose here and so much to gain.

Families who do positive things together grow happier together! Chiropractic care helps children and their mummies and daddies feel great together, and sharing that experience as a family creates wonderful positive results! 

Book Your Appointment Now! Offer ends 30 June.

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“My husband, three children and I have immediately all felt huge emotional and physical benefits of adjustments; we are particularly enjoying the increased sense of calm that has descended over our whole family!”
— Nicola, Streatham Hill, started care in November 2015.

*(Initial visit for children and adults is £75)