The Benefits of Chiropractic

By choice, I am not registered in the UK as a chiropractor. Because the General Chiropractic Council, the British regulatory body for chiropractic, has not recognised any non-EU qualifications, I may not in the UK describe myself as a “chiropractor” (per Chiropractors Act 1994, s.32).

But in 1997 I graduated from Life University in Georgia with a Doctorate of Chiropractic, and since 1998 have been fully Board Certified as a chiropractor, licensed in both Minnesota and New York.

Here are the top ten benefits that have been reported about chiropractic.

  1.  Your nervous system will function at higher levels.
  2.  You will become more aware of your posture enabling you to correct the way you sit, stand, and move in everyday activities.
  3. Improved function with the 5 senses - eyesight, hearing, taste, smell, touch.
  4. Tension within the joints, ligaments, and muscles become more supple and well lubricated, reorganising normal body mechanics
  5. The immune system is improved and stronger to fight illnesses.
  6. Babies and children are healthier and happier, and thus whole families experience more joy together.
  7. Your muscles function more efficiently, healing faster, and allowing more flexibility.
  8. Pregnancy is easier, more comfortable, and labor and birth is less painful and smoother with less chances of c-sections.
  9. Body co-ordination and balance is better. 
  10. For back pain, it is simply the best treatment possible.