Clear Day - Registration


Clear Day - Registration


Payment in full for Clear Day. Includes healthy lunch! 

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This full-day healing seminar is available to people by invite, or application only. 

A Clear Day is an invite-only, full day event where you will receive 3 adjustments and 2 SRI breathing sessions. 

Why a Clear Day? 

A Clear Day offers you the opportunity to increase intensively your progress with your own personal goals in life, advancing you more into being more grounded and empowered, giving you a range of positive results from participating.

It is designed you give you what you want to create and declare, what you want for yourself in your life, and to help you expand new possibilities for yourself. 

Doors open at 9:30am, and we start promptly at 10am. The Clear Day ends at 6pm.

The event is held at the Effraspace in Brixton in a comfortable spacious hall. A delicious healthy lunch is included.

(I recommend that you bring your own yoga mat and blanket or anything else to make yourself as comfortable as possible.)

The event is £150 per person. To reserve your spot, please pay in full, or you may pay a non-refundable £30 deposit.