Chiropractic for Athletes

As a chiropractor in New York, athletes of many specialities came to me for help: dancers, gymnasts, weight lifters, yoga enthusiasts, marathon runners, skiers, swimmers, cyclists and many others. It is because of my training as a triathlete in 2002-2005 that I can truly understand the needs of most athletes. Also, in my New York practice near the Broadway Theatre area, many singers and musicians came to me. They also benefited from chiropractic care. The use of their vocal cords, muscles of the jaw, and power of their diaphragm improved in performance from getting regular chiropractic adjustments.

In my experience, athletes improve very quickly. Most come to me because they have severe pain somewhere in their body, and it decreases or stops proper function and ability to exercise. Athletes tend to have a high pain tolerance, and they push themselves too far due to denial or perhaps they think, “Oh, it’s mild and it’ll go away soon.” The pain is too much, and often, the athlete comes into my office feeling worried, angry, frustrated, and impatient. 

If you are someone who considers themselves an athlete, someone who loves to exercise and keep fit regularly, chiropractic care is essential. People who train themselves with exercise regularly and are also under chiropractic care usually report fast and efficient progress in healing. Some of the fastest results in my practice is with my athletic patients. This is possibly because athletes are typically very tuned in to their bodies, with higher awareness of what they need to get better, stronger, and healthier. When athletes receive their first adjustment, their body responds very fast and the adjustment ‘holds’ better. 


If the nervous system and spine has tension, misalignments, and poor nerve flow, then the brain cannot properly control the muscles and joints for training athletes. Special nerve receptors in the joints, muscles, and spine respond to pressure, distortion, and position sense. Many of these receptors are directly related to the balance (vestibular) system of the body. Both of these parts of the nervous system work together acutely and are essential for optimal function and performance for an athlete. 

Chiropractic adjustments affect these receptors and enhance their function by allowing the brain to connect fully with them. Specific Adjustments will trigger and stimulate these receptors which will allow better coordination, faster reflexes, better balance, improved strength and posture, and overall increased performance.

If you love to be an athlete, and love to feel the power of your body, come in and start getting your regular chiropractic adjustments! 

By choice, I am not registered in the UK as a chiropractor. Because the General Chiropractic Council, the British regulatory body for chiropractic, has not recognised any non-EU qualifications, I may not in the UK describe myself as a “chiropractor” (per Chiropractors Act 1994, s.32).

But in 1997 I graduated from Life University in Georgia with a Doctorate of Chiropractic, and since 1998 have been fully Board Certified as a chiropractor, licensed in both Minnesota and New York.