NetworkSpinal Chiropractic (known formally as Network Spinal Analysis) is a chiropractic technique created and developed in the early 1980s by Donny Epstein. It is a very powerful technique that allows for the central nervous system to reorganise its whole system, which will cause the person to experience new ways of perceiving and transforming their health, thoughts, emotions, and experience of life itself. 

There are many different chiropractic techniques, all of which are striving for the same goal: to improve the function of the spine and nervous system to allow for the body to become healthier. Many of these techniques involve specific high-velocity maneuvers (adjustments) which usually cause the joints to release its gas giving the 'pop' or 'cracking' sounds coming from your spine (or other joints). 


NSA utilises very gentle (no 'cracking') specific contacts along the spine, allowing the brain to respond causing it to find embedded tension within the central nervous system, primarily in the spinal cord. When the brain and spinal cord can find and connect to those tensions, the body will respond by doing a series of breaths or movements which ultimately cause that tension to be released. Each adjustment is referred to more specifically as an 'entrainment' because they allow the brain and nervous system to learn and build inner strategies for better mobility, more breath, and more ease inside the body.

It is not a fix-it type of modality. This is a form of practice that is a choice to implement as a lifestyle to help learn new strategies within yourself and your body over time. People experience many different responses from this work including more ease, better sleep, more clarity in thoughts, more groundedness, self-confidence, better overall health and physical comfort, and many others. Your response and growth will depend on your own patterns within your body and system, and typically most people who are eager and ready for change can experience results very early on. It's not dramatic and intense though. These changes are subtle and the key is building more conscious awareness of yourself, the changes, and new sensations.


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