I have adjusted people of ages from 10 hours to 87 years. I didn't ask them all for testimonials. Most of the following are from my time as a chiropractor in New York.

Read past clients' stories to find out how Dr. Shiozawa has helped many people

"It's not often you meet someone you never knew you needed so badly till you met them. It's not often that you meet someone that changes your life for the better, so quickly and often with only a few words but with healing hands. But that's Dr MaryAnne!

I came to MaryAnne in my second trimester of my pregnancy with my second baby as I could hardly sit down because of lower back pain. MaryAnne managed to make my pregnancy as pain-free as possible, and has since adjusted both my children too. Needless to say I'm a huge advocate and look forward to having the benefits of being adjusted for the rest of my and my family's life!"

Jodi M-H, London

I never really had any problems when I first went to see MaryAnne, it was more just out of curiosity. I got told about NSA and thought, this could only help me, it won't do any harm! Roll forward nearly a year later and I can't recommend it enough. MaryAnne is just fantastic and the adjustments have helped with stress, anxiety, back pain, fatigue. The feeling I get after an adjustment is, wow I needed that! I feel so much better! 

It's such a great feeling, it's feels like a calming effect over the body and the mind. Feels like whatever pressures and stresses of life, you can handle and more relaxed about it. I wish she lived next door so I could go everyday day!

Invest money into your health! It's the most important thing. NSA is a must for anyone and make sure you book with MaryAnne, as she is the best!

Dean, London

I came to Dr MaryAnne after not having received NSA care in several years and though I wasn’t a “wreck” and didn’t have any injuries per se, my stress levels, headaches and neck pains were not great at all. Over the last 1.5 years this has been carefully “fixed" and adjusted, and my spine has been reactivating the NSA care and wisdom I started to receive years ago. Dr MaryAnne is the most caring and dedicated NSA practitioner I have met, someone who walks her own talk and encourages patients to take responsibility in their (self-)healing journey. My favourites are the Clear Days - a day of intense entrainments / adjustments combined with breathing exercises that give you an energetic platform to work from for weeks to come! Thank you Dr MA :) 

~Anika Pilnei~, London

“When I couldn’t even sit down without pain it was MaryAnne who identified the cause of the issue, setup the programme to remedy it, and gently, step by step, helped my body heal. As the sessions progressed my body felt less pain and more at ease. Her work made a radical difference in the quality of my life.”

Tim Cook, London

It's struck me that over the transformative 8 months of twice weekly chiropractic adjustments with MaryAnne (I hobbled into her Practice, a pain-riddled wreck, but not anymore!) that she probably knows everything about her clients, not just because she asks us questions about our wellbeing and how our day has been, but also because our bodies divulge what at times our lips may shy away from admitting. But how much do we know about our chiropractor MaryAnne?

Since November last year I have slowly formed a picture of MaryAnne; she is a strong, independent business woman, and as a fellow new business owner it has been great to see her Practice develop through fab daily emails, offers of additional courses and to hear of seminars she's been on. She's also a wife and mother to three beautiful children, and her oldest Sophia is hysterical, in fact the looks on MaryAnne's face when Sophia poses her fabulously mature and observant responses is a picture! The girl is a quick-witted, New York born comedian... And she's 10! And on top of that MaryAnne is a frequent gym goer and is STRONG! To the point that the facial expressions she pulls with her reps of heavy weights are scary, but in a good way, they inspire you to just bite that bullet and buckle down with your own progress, because if MaryAnne's body can do it, yours can too right!

And lastly, as a chiropractor MaryAnne is a care giver, and that takes energy! Lots of it! Giving to others is mega-fulfilling, but there are times when it can get mega-tiring, as we're all only human, and when we put other's before ourselves our own balances can tip a little- which is natural, it's life. But just because MaryAnne is a chiropractor it doesn't mean she has to go above and beyond on our lives beyond her clinic rooms, with dieting advice, training advice, and passing us on to go to a Personal trainer (Mark Davenport, the other wise monkey in my life) for weekly strengthening session to get the best from our mind, self-confidence, bodies and lives. It could just stop at the adjustment. But it doesn't and never has done.

Today in the waiting room, as I removed my shoes I looked up and saw a framed certificate and read it for the first time:

Our chiropractor was down there on Ground Zero, and I just stood there and thought, "WOW!!" And then I thought, "Of course she did, because she's MaryAnne..."

I'd like to finish this with, “you know it makes sense, go get adjusted," but to be honest, we all know an adjustment from MaryAnne is waaay more than that, as over time; she gives us a new lease and quality of life, and she makes our years of ailments manageable, and then one day, they go, and you can start living that life you’ve found yourself yearning for, for years. So, you know it makes sense, go get adjusted by MaryAnne, and you know you'll get way more than you bargained for :)


R. Dell


As a long term insomniac who was both physically and psychologically addicted to prescription sleeping pills, I thought I was beyond hope.  I had reached the stage where I could not sleep without taking medication, but where it was becoming less and less effective. I was constantly stressed with a stiff, aching back and I found it almost impossible to relax which made managing a business and being a good wife and mother increasingly difficult. 

 I visited MaryAnne in desperation.  After detailed consultations, and a course of adjustments, the results have been nothing short of miraculous! In the space of just a few weeks, my back is no longer seized up and painful, I stand taller, breathe more deeply and effectively day and night, no longer find myself grinding my teeth, frowning or stressing but, most importantly - I am now completely off sleeping tablets and sleeping more soundly that I have in years!  I am cured.  I cannot thank MaryAnne enough. 

- Julia Champion, 46, London, Managing Director - Champion Talent

Everyone please meet MaryAnne Shiozawa Wiseman

Very few people know what a chiropractor really does untill their neck start hurting. Chiropractic appointments are usually known for being short and pricey. But my chiropractor does it differently.

In fact she is a lot more than a chiropractor. She is a healer. She will adjust your spine using a wide variety of techniques and provides a healing experience that begins as soon as you enter her space and stays with you hours after your treatment.

As an expert in body awareness myself I am very selective about the practiotioners I use. MaryAnne is a beautiful soul in more ways than one but most importantly she cares about others and it shows.

Her discreet practice is located in the hip and trendy West Norwood just a short bus ride away from the hustle and bustle of Brixton market.

If you are looking for a new way to connect with who you are in a deep and meaningful way you should try having your spine re-aligned on a regular basis or at least once a month.

This will help you physically and mentally to get through your day and help you see things from a fresh perspective.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

BeamBlock Yoga


I have to thank Chiropractor MaryAnne Shiozawa for helping with my 2.5 year old and his enlarged tonsils / apnoea / dreadful food aversion. 5 adjustments in and the snoring has completely stopped and for the first time since being weaned he's asking for food! He's also taken to sniffing everything so after being told by a NHS specialist he had a very limited sense of smell this must be an amazing experience for him! Xxx

- Joanne McCarthy, London

My pelvic pain came on suddenly and unexpectedly in week 35 of an otherwise spectacularly easy pregnancy. The day before it happened, I was happily lifting up my three year old god-daughter for cuddles and pushing heavy boxes around our house in preparation for moving later that week. That night, I woke up for a usual third-trimester toilet visit, and out of nowhere there came a searing pain in my pelvic area. It's hard to describe, but it felt as a bit as though somebody had taken a giant hole punch and punched a large bit of bone out of the centre of my groin, the part that I needed to feel any kind of stability. I shuffled back to bed hoping that I'd just overdone it that day and would feel better in the morning. Alas, the next day if anything it was worse - at one point I was crawling on my hands and knees as walling hurt too much. A bit of googling showed that Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) affects one in five women in pregnancy. I called the midwife, who said that although physio would potentially help, it was unlikely that I would get a referral before the baby was born, so I should just wait it out as it would go away once the baby was born. I was horrified - I was in so much pain, the baby still wasn't due for over a month, plus we were about to move house!! Being immobile was out of the question.

...step in MaryAnne, who was recommended to me by some local mums after a frantic internet search. We spoke on the phone, she was very reassuring and we arranged an appointment for later that day. I remember that after our initial consultation before my first adjustment, she asked me "Are you ready to feel better?!" and my heart just lurched with hope. And I wasn't disappointed! That first adjustment brought my searing, immobilising pain down to a mere niggle. It was incredible. I was SO relieved and grateful, and also completely amazed that such a short-lasting treatment could have such major effects.

I continued to go to MaryAnne twice weekly for adjustments until my baby was born. Each visit was a treat; MaryAnne is so friendly and welcoming and positive about pregnancy and babies that my whole mood improved after an adjustment, not just my pelvis. She also helped me (and my husband) to prepare for the birth, and was really supportive leading up to it, and afterwards, too (when she adjusted my daughter after her ventouse delivery at just two weeks old!). I would highly recommend chiropcratic treatment for pelvic pain, and most definitely so with MaryAnne as practitioner!

- Georgia Ladbury, new mum, London

"Dr. Maryanne Shiozawa is an expert practitioner.  When i came to see her, i was having chronic lower back pain, which was limiting my movement, and my ability to work out.  After a couple of treatments, she had me feeling better and stronger than i had felt in years.  i was able to resume my dance classes, and feel fantastic.

Working with her gave me confidence in my body and freedom to move the way i wanted to move.  i cannot recommend her enough!"

-Regena Thomashauer

Founder and Director, Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts


"I have been going to chiropractor since the age of 7 years old – before it was in fashion, before it was recognized by our insurance companies. My biggest regret in leaving New York was leaving Dr. Shiozawa. Mary-Anne is hands down one of the best chiropractors I have ever had. She has gentle, yet powerful hands that get in there to release the tension. But most importantly she takes the time with each patient, to listen, and adjust (no pun intended) her treatment accordingly – something very rare these days."

-Yan Baczkowski, Director of Tourism at Snowmass Village, Colorado (Aspen/Snowmass)

"My 14-month old baby and I have had the pleasure of getting adjustments from MaryAnne.  Being new to this type of treatment, I didn't know what to expect the first time, but MaryAnne immediately put not only me, but my baby at ease. She has an amazing energy that babies love, maybe because she loves babies! She first worked on me and her movements and gentle manipulations were incredibly intuitive and efficient, she seemed to just sense where my body was in pain or needed help getting balanced. Her instructions were clear, her explanations comprehensive and her manner extremely calm yet in control. My daughter, Matilda, was 5 months old for the first adjustment, and one year old for the second one. Though a new mother often tends to be wary of letting someone "handle" their baby, I had no qualms about having MaryAnne adjust Matilda. She has three children of her own and has adjusted all three of them from birth on. Matilda lay on my chest during the adjustments. She seemed to barely touch her but when she was done, both times Matilda was extremely Zen and peaceful. I too felt a sense of calm after my adjustments. I would highly recommend seeing MaryAnne. I would see her every week if I could, but we unfortunately live in different cities!"

-Chyi Soo-Unger, Events Manager, Paris.

"I met Dr. Shiozawa ten years ago, she was my introduction to chiropractic. I had never been adjusted before and I didn't know what to expect. Dr. Shiozawa took her time to listen to my concerns and explain everything she was going to do. Now, ten years later, chiropractic adjustments have become part of my healthy routine. I originally sought out chiropractic care because I suffered from severe migraine headaches. Dr. Shiozawa explained how my headaches were related to subluxation; it made sense to me, and since that first adjustment I have never had another migraine. I am also an avid runner and regular chiropractic adjustments keep me injury-free. Dr. Shiozawa has taught me so much about natural health, I am grateful that I was lucky enough to have met her. I will be a lifelong patient and so will the many friends and family members that I have referred to Dr. Shiozawa."

-Stephanie Galley 

"My seven year-old son and I underwent chiropractic treatment with MaryAnne during a time of real stress for our family.   Initially I made an appointment for my son to be adjusted, but MaryAnne suggested I also consider getting treatment given the problematic we were dealing with.   She was absolutely right.  Her adjustments were of great help to both of us, particularly at the emotional level as she enabled us realign and find a place of peace in a chaotic time.   MaryAnne is both caring and empathetic, qualities she brings to her work to make her patients feel at ease and understood -- never judged.   My son and I truly benefitted from her care."

-Anne Marsella, Novelist, Paris

"I've been a patient/client of Dr. Shiozawa for a few years.  First, she helped me to recover from severe back pains and sciatica, and then helped me to maintain strong alignment enough to be able to finish two Ironman triathlon races without injury.  She is a very empathetic practitioner; is able to be strong and gentle with her adjustments (I often find that it's one or the other); and has a natural ability to put you at ease with her warmth, humor, and heart.  If we still lived in the same city / country, I would continue to visit with her."

-Gunil Chung, VP Industry Solutions, salesforce.com, San Fransisco

"I have known Dr. Shiozawa and been treated by her since she opened her practice years ago.  From the beginning I have found Dr. Shiozawa a very thorough and knowledgeable  chiropractor.  She takes her time, shows great compassion and listens carefully to what my issues have been.  I find her nonjudgemental, truly interested in healing, kind and friendly.  I have witnessed Dr. Shiozawa grow and expand, becoming more and more knowledgeable and expert over the years.  Dr. Shiozawa is very passionate and committed to her profession." 

-Susan Louis, Art quilter and quilting instructor

"Dr. Shiozawa was recommended to me by my sister, and I was first adjusted by her in her New York office. I had been receiving regular chiropractic care in California and Illinois, and had been to three different chiropractors before her. None of them explained their philosophy and procedures as clearly as Dr. Shiozawa did. She obviously kept up to date on the latest developments in the field and she is very passionate about what she does. During the adjustment, she explained exactly what I needed to do and I felt very comfortable. Unlike other chiropractors I had been to, she did not rush through the adjustment. She took her time to ensure that she was giving me the best possible care. Best of all, after being adjusted by Dr. Shiozawa, I felt great. I had had ongoing problems with my neck, even after my regular adjustments; but after Dr. Shiozawa treated me, my neck felt great. I last visited Dr. Shiozawa in London whilst I was on holiday. I travel for work, but whenever I am near London, I will surely stop in to see her for an adjustment. I also recommended her to my friends in the UK and am jealous of those who can see her regularly!"

-Natalie Galley, International Development, Islamabad Pakistan

"I was a client at your wonderful office in NYC. I have been to many chiropractors in my life. My experience with you was one of the best. You did both traditional and non traditional techniques to minimize my pain and make adjustments to have my low back, legs and hips aligned again. It was a pleasure to be your patient and become your friend. I highly recommend MaryAnne to take care of your body."

-Becky Pizzo, Clearwater, FL

I had been suffering with a terrible pain starting in my lower back which ran down my right leg for about eight months before I decided to return to chiropractic care.  The pain reappeared and when I woke up in the morning I was bent over and my leg would cramp up.  My back and sciatic nerve in my right leg would pain me just about all day.  I could not sit for any long periods of time nor could I walk without the constant pain in my leg.  I would walk slowly and grit my teeth because the pain was so bad and would not go away. 

Previously, I tried chiropractic care and when I got some relief I stopped and my pain came back.  I went to an orthopedic specialist, a neurologist; physical theory, tried pain pills but nothing stopped the pain for any period of time. I was so desperate I tried acupuncture with my fear of needles.  I had an MRC, x-rays and have seen lots of doctors and hospitals. The pain just would not go away. I thought I was going to have to live with the pain. I could not do anything I loved doing including exercising, dancing, jogging, and tennis and not even walking or sitting at my computer because of the horrible pain.

Each week I would hear Dr MaryAnne speak about chiropractic care at our meetings. So, I decided to give it a try again. I was impressed with the initial examination because she asked me questions about my childhood. I never realized that could have an affect on me after all these years. I remembered falling out of the top bunk bed when I was a young kid, a car accident, many years of jogging 5-10 miles daily, running two marathons, playing tennis, jumping rope, being hit by a bicycle, it just goes on and on thinking about it. All this was brought up in the initial interview. She took Xrays of the spine and I was told about “subluxations”. Of course I did not know what she was talking about, but she explained it so I understood just what was happening and what I could expect. It was not going to be quick fix, but if I continued with the adjustments I would get better.

I just wanted the pain to stop and it took several months of regular visits starting with three times a week then two and soon one. I followed her recommendation and I am now walking straight up, jogging, dancing and Bikram Yoga. I do everything I used to and feel great. I do not have any pain in the morning and the cramps in my leg disappeared. It’s like a miracle. I now know that getting adjustments will be a part of my life because if I do, I will maintain my healthy body.

I made the best decision of my life. A myriad of treatments came to me, and one of the paths lead me to Dr MaryAnne. I know now, eight years later, I can honestly say I am pain free thanks to chiropractic care, and for that, I thank you Dr. MaryAnne.

-Minni Richardson, Retired School Headteacher

"Dr. Shiozawa introduced me to chiropractic care over ten years ago. Her holistic and very nurturing approach got me there. Everything she taught me, kept me there.  I need reason in my life and the manner she introduced chiropractic care spoke to that: How everything is connected to the spine via the nervous system, and that nervous system needs to communicate with all the organs to keep them operating smoothly. As a result, a healthy, unblocked spine leads to a healthy immune system, thus promoting longer life.  Your body can begin to experience life in a preventative state, not a reactionary state.

A secondary benefit was that, within a year, she corrected a life-long minor case of scoliosis. It blew my mind to start seeing photos of myself standing straight and tall.  Her care and wisdom was a gift that I continue to live by to this day, and onward.” 

 - Colin McGreal, Creative Director, advertising

"Dr. Shiozawa has helped me initially with my lower back pain relief, but soon made me realize how important it is to eat well, stay healthy physically and mentally, and to be in charge of your own body.  This awareness is inspiring people around me as well.  I'm always thankful for Dr. Shiozawa and her chiropractic adjustments!"

-Yoshiko Mori (financial specialist, photographer, marathon runner, and dog lover)

My lower back was in spasms and out of alignment.  I was a mess.  Within a few visits of working with Maryanne, my body began to respond.  My pain and discomfort subsided and I began to feel good again.  Maryanne has a warm and caring approach,  and truly wants you feel better and be healthy.  Her office was welcoming, clean and extremely comfortable.  I always looked forward to my appointments with Maryanne -- I knew I was in good "hands."  

-- Susan G. O'Sullivan, NYC, Certified Career/Life Coach

"Thank you for doing my spine. I think it was a transforming experience for my posture. In recent times (years) I have found it very difficult to really straighten my back and now it seems quite different. I think the dorsal region has not been properly free for a long time and seemed locked in a curve. I have not had an "adjustment" before and I found it very interesting. I knew that you had changed things when we went over "speed bumps" on the way back. My lumbar spine felt quite touchy and I had to hold myself up from the seat for a bit! Also I find now that I have strange pains in my arms as the day goes on. I think these sensations are contingent upon the readjustment and will go away - which will be interesting too! I'm so pleased that my daughter brought me to see you. I'm 84 and so I probably needed a bit of adjustment. I hope we meet again. I look forward to more adjustments and transformation!"

-Martin Chapman, Artist/Painter, 84, Suffolk, England.

“I’ve visited a number of chiropractors and Dr. Shiozawa is by far the best.  I was a regular patient of Dr. Shiozawa’s at her New York City office.   I sought her care for work-related back pain and always felt better after her sessions.  She does an excellent job and is an all-around lovely person.  I would recommend her to anyone who desires a well-maintained body.” 

-Rieko Tsukiji, full-time mum, NYC.

"Dr. Maryanne Shiozawa is by far, the best chiropractor who has ever treated me.  From our first meeting, Dr. Shiozawa demonstrated extensive knowledge, compassion and commitment to my well being.  The practice office in New York City was a relaxed and inviting atmosphere and the intial visit included an extensive spinal curve and postural analysis.  The examination findings and Dr. Shiozawa’s gentle manner provided me with recommendations for care that gave me results beyond my expectations.  My joint motion and overall balance and well being greatly improved.

My young daughter, a toddler at the time, was also treated by “Dr. Maryanne” and without hesitation, was always ready to climb onto the table for her adjustment.

I miss Dr. Shiozawa in New York City and remain optimistic that our paths will cross again."

By choice, I am not registered in the UK as a chiropractor. Because the General Chiropractic Council, the British regulatory body for chiropractic, has not recognised any non-EU qualifications, I may not in the UK describe myself as a “chiropractor” (per Chiropractors Act 1994, s.32).

But in 1997 I graduated from Life University in Georgia with a Doctorate of Chiropractic, and since 1998 have been fully Board Certified as a chiropractor, licensed in both Minnesota and New York.

-Nancy Torres, Office Administrator, financial services






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