Privacy Policy

Privacy summary

We’ll try to do the right thing, but like anybody else, we might be hacked.

The Privacy Policy

Shiozawa Wellness holds information on its patients. This includes the contact information given on registration, notes on medical conditions, and a very brief note about (almost) all visits. Most of this is paper; some is stored in a spreadsheet. It is password secured, but if the US government can be hacked, then everybody else might be as well. There is always risk. 

We will use your data to send messages relevant to the practice and to your care, but do not and will not sell it to marketing companies. We get spam; we know you don’t want it. 

It’s your information: if you want it, we’ll give it to you, but will of course must verify that ‘you’ is really you. In very rare circumstances we may be required by law to release your records, for example if ordered by a court, or there is an imminent risk to the life of yourself or others.

Email: How to Unsubscribe

At the foot of every email is an ‘Unsubscribe’ link, which goes to MailChimp which will then automagically unsubscribe you. And it happens without my having to do anything (I like!). Please, to unsubscribe from the emails, click ‘Unsubscribe’. 

— July 2019