Online Video Brain Hemisphere Program

This program allows you to learn about your child’s (and family’s) brain hemispheric function. This is a video instructional online course that you and your partner can do at your own pace on your own. You are able to send me emails with questions, but because this is not a personable and private coaching process, I cannot promise prompt replies or detailed messages.


Read the book

Buy Dr. Robert Melillo’s book, “Disconnected Kids” and follow the at-home program, which gives you the instructions on how to help your child through exercises. It is available on Amazon worldwide, and translated in many different languages.



Start by answering the online questionnaires to help you understand your child’s brain hemispheric dysfunction. As you learn more about your child’s condition, you will be able to do the correct exercises to help them improve gradually.

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Listen to pre-recorded lessons, and watch instructional videos.

You can listen to some past group recordings featuring other parents in similar situations with their children. Also, the instructional videos to follow and learn will give you step-by-step guidance on what to do to help your child.