Group ‘Family Brain Health Workshop’

“Healthy Brain, Healthy Kid”

Live Free webinar 19 May 2pm BST

This group program is a 10-week live interactive call to help you understand and identify your child’s brain function, and to help your child recover.


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10 Weeks. Live Group Calls

Each live weekly call, you are encouraged to participate and ask specific questions about your child’s issues, what’s not working, and how these can be solved.

(Prerequisites: download and complete the Child History Form. Also, strongly recommended to buy Dr Robert Melillo’s “Disconnected Kids” available worldwide on Amazon.)

  • Week One: Introduction, Outcomes and Purpose of the workshop. 60-90 minutes.

  • Week Two: Learn how to assess and test your child to find out what’s going on with their brain. Tutorial on exercises and sensory stimulation to help your child with immediate results.

    • Homework: Read about Retained Primitive Reflexes in Dr Robert Melillo’s book Disconnected Kids.

  • Week Three: Discussion about family lifestyle, who is right-brain dominant and who is left-brain dominant. Characteristics of each hemisphere.

    • Homework: Parents complete Left and Right Brain Characteristic Questionnaire.

  • Week Four: Discussion about incorporating pediatric chiropractic care in the program. Why does it enhance the results and progress. Helping you find a qualified chiropractor in your area.

    • Homework: Schedule phone conversation with local chiropractor.

  • Week Five: Follow up on family progress, diet, daily exercises, progress.

    • Homework: Continue daily exercises and follow up with results.

  • Week Six: Discussion of improving daily lifestyle practices, such as digital screen usage, amount of exercise, nutrition, and communication styles.

    • Homework: Write down a detailed list of what’s not working in the family and what you want to improve. Be ready to share these things in the next call.

  • Week Seven: Repeat exercises and learn new exercises for your child.

  • Week Eight: Share results, improvements, regressions, ask questions.

  • Week Nine: Share results, improvements, regressions, ask questions.

  • Week Ten: Next steps after program. Continued support through email and messaging and Facebook.


Starts on 19 May. Ends mid July. Continued support through September.

Each call will be announced via Google calendar. Please RSVP with each invitation to the calls so Dr MaryAnne expects your attendance.


Facebook page, whatsapp, and email

Once you have signed up, you will have access to the private Facebook page, WhatsApp group messaging, and private email with Dr MaryAnne.