One-on-One Coaching

This program allows you to have private, direct interactive video calls with me during 3-months to help you every step of the way with your family’s progress as your child improves and gains better function and health. The ultimate goal is to improve your family environment as your child becomes the healthy person you know they can be.


detailed custom program

From the beginning, we will do everything together with me guiding you through the Brain Balance Program. The first private live video call is two hours long, with the purpose of going over every detail about your child’s (and family’s) challenges. The story of your child starts from the beginning - pregnancy, birth, development, lifestyle, etc.


Weekly private live video and calls

The only way your child will improve is with consistent repetition, routine daily exercises, and support. Each week, we will be able to discuss progress, challenges, obstacles, setbacks, new recommendations, concerns and questions. Meeting each week on a phone or video call will help me guide and support you through your child’s program and progress. These calls will last one hour, and they are private and confidential.


Direct emails and messaging

Regular emails, WhatsApp and text messaging is always available to encourage you, answer questions, and give suggestions every step of the way. Send photos, ask questions, anytime to help the program result in positive differences.