Chiro Kids

Kids and Chiropractic

Three days ago I noticed my youngest coughing a little. I didn't really think it was anything so I basically ignored it. My kids don't get ill often, and when they do, it's full-on but just for 24 hours or less. So the next day when I heard my little one waking up in the morning with this nasty cough, and then added sniffles, I thought OK, gotta help her body. She needs an adjustment!

So before school that morning I adjusted her. She knows that when her body is fighting something inside that it's important to get adjusted to help keep her system strong so her amazing little body can heal as best as it can. After the adjustment I high-fived her and said, "Power's on!"


Later that day when I got home from work I asked my husband (who had been with her most of the afternoon after school) if she had been coughing. I also noticed that she seemed much better and coughing a lot less. My husband said she's definitely better and coughing less.

It always amazes me how kids bounce back and respond with just one adjustment.

As parents we want the best for our children. When we see that our children are fighting something and their bodies are doing the best they can by adapting, their little bodies work hard and we see them as 'ill'. Rather than see them as ill, embrace that they are adapting - their bodies are doing what they are supposed to do inside healthy function.

When my kids have a fever or they clearly don't feel well, they know I'll be adjusting them at least once a day. People respond to that by being surprised, "Really? Once a day?"

Sure! How many times a day do you give your child a fever-reducing tablet, or cough syrup, or other drug to mask the symptoms? Once, twice, maybe three times a day? I know it's very hard to see your child feeling unwell. It's scary. I know. But the next time their bodies are fighting something because their bodies are adapting and doing what they are designed to do, consider finding a pediatric chiropractor to get them adjusted. That adjustment will help boost their body's healing ability. Chiro kids adapt faster, recuperate easier, and feel more confident knowing that their bodies heal from within. Your job as a parent is to provide them with love, care, and affection while they rest and heal.

That's the formula for your child's health. Adjustments and love.


Chiro kids. I love chiropractic and I love adjusting kids.