One, two, three, four ... tell me that you love me more

There are a lot of 'personality tests' out there. You answer a few dozens questions, and out pops the result telling you that you're one of three, four, or five different types of humans in this world.

Some people don't even bother with this sort of thing. And some people love taking many different tests to be told just how their personalities are.

We're all different.

To each their own.

One of the things that's important in my skill and ongoing 'practice' in continuing my mastery in chiropractic is figuring out what 'type' of person you are. 

That's a skill in and of itself.

Basically, according to my views and how I assess anyone who is a practice member and gets adjusted regularly, there are three 'types' of people.

  1. There are those of you who not only love making lists, you need to make your lists. You guys are the planners. You need to know what's next. There are steps to getting things done in your day, your week, your month - your whole life. And you need to have a map for life to feel under control. When you people get stressed, order and structure and having things clear to you give you peace.
  2. There are those of you who are always moving and shaking. Lots of activity in your day. You love to move around. You can't sit still. Before you're finished with one thing, your body is already moving onto the next. When you're stressed, you need to go out for a run, do yoga, or just go for a walk. Moving gives you peace.
  3. Finally, there are those of you who need to get in touch with yourself, to get a sense of how you feel, and how others feel. You're very much in tune with others, you love connecting with people, and you tend to be sensitive to emotions and words and expressions from yourself and other people. When you're stressed, connecting with other people, especially close friends and/or family and even pets help calm you. Being able to sense things around you gives you peace.

Nobody is only in just one category.

You'll always be a mix of the three.

One of them is the strongest, another is nearly as strong or it helps guide you in making decisions in your life, and the third is slightly uncomfortable for you (however you admire those who possess the one in which you're weakest).


I like to move. I can't sit still. Moving makes me happy.

I also like to connect to people. 

But, list making? Uh uh. Nope. Not my strong suit.

And interestingly, just recently, I've had to put in a lot of effort in creating a solid structure in my daily and weekly life. 

It hasn't been comfortable, and it hasn't been fun.

But, 'exercising' my weakest characteristic, which is following a plan and being structured about it has given me so much ease and freedom ... and ultimately happiness.

So, think about your strengths and weaknesses. 

Recognise what makes you feel uncomfortable. Then, practice the weak, and keep using your strengths.

And remember, keep getting adjusted. 

That's also going to help you in the long run!

See you at your next adjustment!

— Dr MaryAnne.

MaryAnne ShiozawaComment