What it's like to have a normal life

It's half-term.

The week just before half-term is almost always super crazy.

It's psychological, psycho-somatic, and then that manifests into your choices, actions, moods, and planning.

Which can create the chaos in our lives.

Today at school pick up, looking around at the circus also known as primary school, the energy was all over the place, gearing up for Halloween, and half-term for everyone.

But for some reason, I just felt OFF. 

Not all with it.

I think it's because of how my week went, and how busy it was, and how it stretched me to my limits.

Also, lately, I've felt humbled by some of my current practice members.

One woman who has been dealing with severe chronic pain for years - who cannot work, who doesn't know if she'll be able to get out of bed on any given day, who wants to be able to get rid of her cane (she's only 40), and who wants to enjoy her life with her energetic son - is taking steps day-by-day, putting in the effort to get her whole body back to health so she can have a normal life.

When she first came in to see me she told me she was wiling to do anything to avoid surgery.

At any cost.

And basically this type of chiropractic (the technique I use which is Network Spinal Analysis) was her last resort. 

All I could do was embrace her challenge with her, give her my best service (as I do for everyone), and tell her there's no guarantee.

(Nothing is a sure thing and I can't make promises.)

But she was willing to work hard to get her body and health back.

And now, after nearly one month, she's becoming a different person.

Actually getting glimpses of a 'normal life'. 

Her eyes have light in them. Her face is more relaxed. She's smiling more. And she says she can actually sit for a little while before feeling horrible pain.

What she wouldn't give to be able to enjoy the chaos of the last day of school before Halloween half-term. 

That chaos is normal life.

And who am I to sit there among all the crazy school energy and circus of the children and complain about being in a funk?

(As I sit here typing this email, I'm engulfed in my children's screams and hyperactivity because of how excited they are. "Yipeeeeee! It's half-term!!!")

However crazy it is, that's my normal life, but to bring me back down to reality to snap myself out of a funk, I remember that some people, right now, are dealing with horrible severe and chronic pain.

They are wishing for the freedom to enjoy the abundance of their normal life.

Have a wonderful half-term!

I'll see you in my practice for your adjustment next week!

— Dr MaryAnne

PS - Here's a cool demonstration of NSA from a colleague of mine.
PPS - Here's another website all about NSA created by a lay person's talking about his experience with this amazing technique. 


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