He texted me a photo of his body

My husband has a very different job than me.

His job is numbers. In the past he has explained it to me (several times), but really, deep down, they are numbers in spreadsheets.

When he started his job, he informed me that I would approve of the ergonomics of the office. 

All the desks raise up so you can work while standing up. 

That's great!

Why? Because sitting for long periods of time is horrible for your body and health.

It is killing you.

Your body is not designed to sit for hours on end, working on a computer. Your body was designed to move around regularly, either in intense short bursts, or gradual and slow longer stretches of time.

It's all about moving.

In fact, our bodies and their design, walking on two feet, is one of the reasons our brains are the largest (and most complex and intelligent) in the animal kingdom.

Moving and walking feeds our brain and our nervous system. It's what 'lights up' our bodies and gets things to work and function better.

This is why I was pleased when my husband told me that he clicks a button and his desk raises up so he can stand for at least half of the day. I told him to keep up raised up for 90% of the day, because surely he has meetings every day and they are sitting during the meeting.

I also told him that he needs to get a small foot stool so he can prop up his foot and alternate resting his foot up. 

This will help ease the pressure and tension in the low back and he can keep his pelvis moving as he puts the foot up and down every few minutes or so.

Once he gets used to it, the whole operation will be brainless. His body will just take over. 

And it'll help stimulate his brain for optimal use for whatever stuff he's doing over there.

(No idea.)

He texted me this picture when they gave him the stool.

See, there's the foot stool!

I approve!

In my opinion (and my theory), offices would be much more productive, make more money, think clearer, be healthier (fewer days out from illness), and more efficient if this was their desk design and work space.

Get up and move!

Oh, and the other thing your brain and spine love regularly are chiropractic adjustments.

(And massages!)

See you at your next adjustment!

— Dr MaryAnne

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