It's called the vulva

If you were to ask my children what their anatomy is, they'd most likely be able to name and locate their body parts accurately.







If you ask your child, especially your daughter, "What is the vulva and where is it?"

From what I've noticed, not many girls know.

But, if you asked your child, girl or boy, "What is the penis and where is it?" 

Most kids know that answer.

My parenting philosophy is just be factual. And my expertise is about the human body. I love to talk about it. I could have conversations about the body and how it works for hours on end. 

I love it.

My kids know that I love it.

(Check out what my kids said when I did this fun 'questionnaire' with them. They know me well.)

Our own grown up adult issues shouldn't be in the way of teaching our children what's factual about the human body. The more they understand and learn about the body and how it works, all its parts, and how to keep it healthy, the more they have confidence within themselves.

Right from the get-go, I always used the words penis and vulva. I never used 'willy' or 'cootchie' or 'privates' because although not necessarily bad, it just eliminates them ever really learning what the real names are, just like the 'heart' or 'lungs'. 

(Also, my 10-year-old daughter knows the difference between vulva and vagina.)

We live in a society where there is so much fear and ignorance around our bodies, especially when it comes to sex. In my opinion, it's empowering for kids to know how amazing their body works, especially the reproductive system and its parts.

At some point (maybe around age 12 or 14), surely they'll hear a plethora of pejorative words for their body parts. There will be the right time to tell them how to make sense of those terms and what they really mean.

But if they already know the true technical term for all their body parts, then they won't build on a platform of confusion.

So go ahead, use those words penis and vulva and vagina (correctly) and don't add judgement and meaning to them. 

It's just the facts.

Teaching and educating children about their bodies is fun, and it helps build confidence. The more a child learns about their amazing body, the more secure they are within themselves.

When children come to my practice for their adjustment, they LOVE it. And then after their adjustment, they give me a high-five and I say, "Power's ON!" They understand that their bodies were designed to be healthy and their own bodies have the power to heal themselves. 

Well Adjusted Chiropractic kids who learn about how amazing their body is and how everything works, as well as their body parts, grow up to live happy and fulfilling lives.

See you soon at your next adjustment


— Dr Anatomy-tastic!