I Bond With the Bump.

One of my pregnant practice members that I was adjusting throughout her pregnancy texted me to say that she just had her baby.

She's not pregnant anymore.

She gave birth!

And I was so thrilled. So ecstatic for her. 

Now I get to meet that baby, check her spine, and give her first adjustment!

Then I noticed something.

I noticed something familiar that happens each time my pregnant mums text me and send me pictures of their new beautiful baby.

There's a feeling of sadness.

But why would I be sad?

I'll tell you why.

There's sadness because I realise there is no more bump!

I bond with the bump.

Your bump!

When a pregnant woman comes in for regular chiropractic care, very quickly I bond with the baby bump.

My pregnant mums can understand this — the bump is beautiful. 

Right Ladies?

Your baby in there also loves the adjustments. Your baby moves around and becomes more active during the adjustment. And each week, as that baby grows, I become more and more connected with the baby and her bump.

It's how I do things with my pregnant women. I have to touch and feel the baby bump. It's not directly part of the adjustment. 

It's a bit like a massage around the uterus.

After all, the uterus is an amazing muscle that contracts and expands, which is anchored into the pelvis by several ligaments.

If the spine and pelvis are out of alignment, then the ligaments around the uterus will be tense and taut.

So, because the uterus is a muscle and it can have tension just like any other muscle, then it mostly feels good when that muscle is massaged.

And I love feeling the baby inside the bump! That's why I feel a little sad after the baby is born. There's no more baby bump!

I always bond with the bump. 

The baby has to come eventually!

Then, guess what's next?

The baby's first spinal check and adjustment!