What to do when you've had too much to drink

I'm proud of my husband for many things.

Some really important, and some, well, less.

One of them is drinking.

I must admit, my husband knows how to drink well.

He's like an expert drinker.

He has this rule where on the day he knows he'll have a proper drinking session in the evening (usually in the form of port tastings with some fellow port-drinking buddies), he'll hydrate like crazy and drink 7-10 pints of water before the event.

And then during the drinking, he'll always drink a pint of water between every glass of port. 

That's a lot of water!

(And port has a lot of alcohol in it.)

This means that he'll wake up the next morning without a hangover!

(In the 12 years I've been married to him, I've never seen him with a hangover.)

I've learned from him, and although I can't hold my alcohol at all (probably because of my being half Japanese), I still drink a lot of water when I have any drink. 

(My husband tells me he didn't marry me for my drinking abilitites.)

Anyway, I felt like I was drinking a ton of pints of water over New Years. 

How much did you party and drink?

Maybe that's why January is known to be when people take a break to detox their liver.

No alcohol for a month.

January is also known for all those crazy New Year's resolution.

Well, listen. I don't believe in New Year's resolutions.

Such *cough cough* bullshyt.

This morning in the gym there were swarms of people lifting weights (incorrectly), pacing on the treadmill, and bopping from machine to machine.

Makes me laugh.

Because I bet the gym will simply go back to its normal usual attendance in the gym next month.

Here's my view:

Throw out your New Year's resolution and admit to yourself that it's a joke.

Instead, just continue living your life choosing to treat yourself well, do what you love, and focus on things that make you feel happy.

And then you'll start to notice that you can choose to be happy and feel good about yourself.

Don't rely on New Year's to make promises to yourself that you won't keep.

Choose to do that every day, every week, and every month!

And remember - drink lots of water, always! Your spine loves water. 

Especially when you drink booze.

Oh, and if you screw up and forget to drink any water and then you wake up with a hangover, call me up for an adjustment: I have a special hangover adjustment for you! 

Works like a champ!

See you soon!

— Dr MaryAnne

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