This girl made me cry

Turns out, I'm in the business of helping people save their lives.

Nearly every day I am humbled by the stories of people's lives about how grateful they are that they've discovered chiropractic care.

Today, I was on Facebook posting a review of my colleague (because he adjusts me nearly every week and I'm very grateful for this service to take care of my spine).

And going through his page, I found a few videos linking me to another chiropractor's page.

These guys practice all the way out in California.

Helping save lives out there.

Chiropractic is saving lives world wide.

This video is a young woman sharing her story about how she discovered chiropractic, and how it changed her life.

I cried at the end. 

I was so moved.

But before you click on the link, let me share another story.

One of my practice members who has been with me for 5 months getting adjusted every week, who is seeing extraordinary changes and improvements in her health, is also bringing her son with her for adjustments.

At first she didn't think to bring him in with her because she never thought about kids and chiropractic.

I insisted that he start regular care because she explained to me about his health history since he was a baby, always being ill with fevers, ear infections, digestive problems, asthma, and other problems.

Now her son is 9-years-old.

He's already had a lifetime's worth of poor health, in my view, and to me it's just not normal for a kid to go through life like this.

He's been getting adjusted nearly every week for about 3 months now, and the changes in his health is astounding.

His mother can tell that his immune system is getting stronger and stronger. 

He has more energy.

Almost no pain (how can a kid have so much pain all the time?).

He's happier and less grumpy.

He's more enthusiastic about life in general.

And he understands how his body works, which gives him the confidence that his body heals itself and knows how to function when it's healthy.

I recently told his mother that I often meet young adults, in their early-mid 20s, who have very poor health, dealing with lots of digestive problems, allergies, headaches, chronic pain, depression, and other common ailments.

Typically and commonly, these adults can trace back and explain that their health problems go back from as young as infancy.

They share that most of their memory is one of illness after illness, pill after pill, antibiotic after antibiotic, over and over again.

Is that health?

How can anyone think that this cycle creates health?

Once a person with a history like this hits their 20s, all the systems especially the immune system, digestive system, and nervous system are overwhelmed and completely scrambled into confusion.

They are in at state of breakdown.

They find themselves dependent on more drugs, antibiotics, and often very powerful and dangerous cocktails of tablets.

And they are only 25, just beginning to live their lives as adults.

How is that living?

When these adults walk into my practice, I tell them bluntly, "It's going to take time, commitment, and dedication to help your body get to a healthy state again."

If only I can rewind their life, go back in time to reach out to them when they were children. 

That's when it's easy to build back the body.

Kids heal fast, and their bodies respond so much quicker than adults.

I told the mother with the 9-year-old that I'm so happy that I've been able to help break that cycle for her son.

She took a deep breath in when I said that because she has always feared this very thing.

"Would my son's health suffer all his life?"

I told her, "No. Not anymore. Because look - he's healing and changing before your very eyes. Every day."

Chiropractic is not a business to me. 

It's my passion.

I do it because I love helping save lives.

Watch the video of that girl.

It's powerful because I think, 'what would have happened to her had she not discovered chiropractic?'

Share chiropractic.

And get your adjustment this week too!

See you soon.

— Dr MaryAnne