Nobody knows

When stress hits our household and chaos is running amok among the kids, my husband and I look at each other and we both be like, 

You wanted this.

Chaos creates questions between us.

Where's the ... ?

What the hell happened?

Who's fault is it?

Where is ... ?


My husband always reliably replies, 

Nobody knows.

Which is now the theme amongst my sister and the rest of us here at her home in Paris as we wait for her to go into labor.

Nobody knows when this baby is going to start making his move to come into this world.

Seriously, nobody knows what actually triggers labor to start.

There are a lot of theories though.

Some experts say it's caused by a protein produced by the lungs which stimulate the muscles of the uterus to start labor contractions.

Other experts say it's due to a certain aging process, specifically indicated in the babies DNA which travel into the amniotic fluid which signal the baby to trigger labor. It can also stimulate the woman's cervix to prepare for thinning and dilation.

The bottom line is, nobody really knows. Which doesn't help my sister who's very ready to have her baby.

When I arrived last Sunday to be with her for support, one of the first things I did was check her spine, and I also did a little massage on her tummy (which is a personal thing I love to do, not relating to the chiropractic adjustment). My sense at the time was that she had about 5-7 days more of this pregnancy (as opposed to what she thought which was 1-2 days).

What she noticed in the next couple days was that she was not ready, and she still had some lingering anxiety about having another baby. In her heart and mind she couldn't grasp the idea that this baby would make four in her family. She had become quite comfortable in her little family of three. Her, her husband, and her 2-year-old son.

Having a baby is always met with a flood of emotions, questions, and thoughts, so my sister's feelings were totally par for the course. It's normal to hold onto what's comfortable. Change and growth is always somewhat scary and unsettling.

So yesterday, we went to my colleague's practice, my sister's regular chiropractor, to get adjusted. I needed one myself. It had been a couple weeks since my last adjustment. During her adjustment, my sister felt herself release a lot of stuck emotions and thoughts, letting go of her sense of stability, and then was able to embrace her new baby being the next addition in stage of her life.

It was a powerful and much needed adjustment.

Now, she's ready.

Her anxiety has been replaced by an ease and peace within herself and her body. Her language has changed, and her moods are more joyful. This has made her feel more open and receptive for what's to come. It's a visible change in her whole body.

She speaks out loud to her baby bump saying, "It's time now, you can come and be in my arms, and drink my milk."

Watching my sister go through this is so moving. She's my younger sister, and for the most part through our lives, I've been the one to go through something profound first. Not too surprising given that I'm four years older.

I got married first.

Became a mother first.

And now that she's having her second baby and I'm able to be with her to support her directly as her 'birth supporter' (along with her husband), she feels complete with her team, ready to step into this amazing and empowering experience.

These moments for me spending time with her in her home, doing the dishes, laundry, picking things up for her, going out for strolls in the neighborhoods of Paris, eating French food, and meeting up with some good 'ole French friends - it's amazing.

Of course I miss my kids and hubby tremendously, and yes of course I feel a little bit guilty. I also miss being in my practice adjusting all my patients ('patience') too. 

This is good for me though, and I'll always cherish and remember it.

Hopefully I'll meet my nephew in a couple days.

Can't wait for it.

See you soon!

— Dr MaryAnne

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