First, complete the Brain Hemispheric 200-questionnaire.

Brain Balance Program

After you complete the Brain Balance Left and Right Hemisphere 200-item Questionnaire, it is up to you how you'd like to proceed. The questionnaire is only the beginning. 


What's next?

Once we finish analyzing and discussing the results of the Brain Balance Questionnaire, the rest of the program is designed to help teach you how to do specific exercises at home with your child based on their needs. More information must be gathered, including a full physical examination. This can be done in my practice. It can also be done by video such as Skype or Zoom with me guiding you through the steps.

I have had 3 weeks of care with MaryAnne and during that time I have felt much calmer and more hopeful about my daughter’s future.
My daughter also seems calmer and her spasticity has reduced. Her feeding and sleeping have improved as has her general strength.
My overall experience of MaryAnn had been extremely positive.
— A.F. - London
I have to thank Chiropractor MaryAnne Shiozawa for helping with my 2.5 year old and his enlarged tonsils / apnoea / dreadful food aversion. 5 adjustments in and the snoring has completely stopped and for the first time since being weaned he’s asking for food! He’s also taken to sniffing everything so after being told by a NHS specialist he had a very limited sense of smell this must be an amazing experience for him! Xxx
— Joanne McCarthy, London
Throughout the three months of family plan adjustments, we noticed that out little girl’s behaviour improved hugely and our whole family dynamic changed in such a positive way- a more constant feeling of happiness continued, and our parenting became generally more calm, dealing with things in a much more level and balanced manner.
Overall, we would highly recommend MaryAnne.
— N.D. - London

Three-month Brain Balance Program

The Brain Balance