To find out if your child has a right or left brain deficiency, complete this behavioral checklist to start understanding their brain.

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The following below are common behaviors that indicate that your child may have a Right Brain Deficiency. If you'd like to ask a question, please type in the window below.
Thinks analytically all the time.
Has difficulty modeling someone else's behavior, but can do as told.
Often misses the gist of the story.
Always the last to get a joke.
Gets stuck in a set behavior; can't let go.
Engages in risky activites
Lack social tact and/or is antisocial and/or socially isolated.
Poor time management; often late.
Problem paying attention.
Is hyperactive/impulsive.
Has obsessive thoughts or behaviors.
Argues all the time and is generally uncooperative.
Appears bored, aloof, and abrupt.
Considered strange by other children.
Immature for age.
Inability to form friendships.
Inability to share enjoyment, interests, or achievements with other people.
Acts inappropriately silly or giddy.
Has inappropriate social interaction (one-sided interaction).
Talks incessantly and asks repetitive questions or repeats words.
Had difficulty as a child getting your attention (didn't point to get you to look at or get something).
Did not look at self in the mirror as a toddler.
The following below are common behaviors that indicate that your child may have a Left Brain Deficiency. Please comment or ask a question here if you desire.
Extremely shy, especially around strangers.
Very good at non-verbal communication.
Is well-liked by other children and teachers.
Does not have any behavioral problems at school.
Understands social rules.
Poor self-esteem, especially when it comes to academics.
Hates doing homework.
Very good at social interaction.
Makes good eye contact.
Likes to be around people and enjoys going to parties.
Doesn't like to go to sleepovers.
Not good at following routines.
Can't follow multiple-step directions.
Seems to be very in touch with feelings.
Jumps to conclusions.
Very aware of own clothes and personal appearance.
Sensitive to other's feelings and their own. Doesn't want to upset other people.
Self-conscious; feels he is being made fun of by others.
Generally very easygoing attitude.
Likes to look at self in mirror.
Difficult to motivate at times.