Ten common problems that may indicate a spinal imbalance in your child

Often parents question why a child would need chiropractic adjustments.

"They don't have back pain." 

Sure. In general, kids don't have much pain at all. They are seemingly healthy. 

Or so we think.

So how do you know they aren't healthy?

How do you know something isn't short-circuited in their system?

Here are 10 common issues that I see among children which indicate possible interference and imbalance in the spine and nervous system. They are definite reasons to get your child checked by a paediatric chiropractor. Parents can learn to spot these as well:

  1. Newborn preferring one side more than another during breastfeeding.
  2. Newborn regularly has head turned noticeably to the right or the left. When you try to reposition the head, they nearly always turn back to that dominant side.
  3. Early use of antibiotics under 6 months old.
  4. Infant never fully crawled, or did a 'simulated crawl' by using foot to propel. 
  5. Infant was placed in a assisted sitting or assisted standing apparatus before they were able to sit or stand and walk on their own.
  6. Recurrent ear infections with fevers and repetitive use of antibiotics (usually seen in toddlers from 18 months old and up)
  7. Recurrent coughs and colds with fevers (toddlers and commonly seen in kids closer to 5 and above).
  8. For age 8+, when asked to march like a soldier in place, allowing the three different tries, they are unable to properly march by swinging the opposite arm/leg combo, two out of the three times.
  9. Poor sleep patterns, or generally poor sleepers (any age)
  10. Behavioural issues such as hyperactivity, inability to focus, aggression, and regular negative emotional outbursts.

There are more conditions that exist among children, but the above listed are some of the most common ones I observe in children and what parents report to me.

Interestingly, some of these things could seemingly be 'normal' to anyone. In fact, many mothers have told me that their instincts sensed that something wasn't right, but were told by their GP (or another family member) that it's normal and they'll 'grow out of it'.

Don't think for a second that these are normal. 

They may be common.

Not normal.

If your child has had any of these common issues, it may be an indication that something is imbalanced within their central nervous system and spinal column. 

It's a clear indication that they need a chiropractic evaluation, and regular adjustments to release those interferences to allow their bodies to rebalance and reorganise themselves.

Kids love chiropractic. 

They love adjustments.

It turns their power on to let their bodies do the awesome healing work from within.

See you at your next adjustment!

— Dr Squeeze.

MaryAnne ShiozawaComment