What I didn't do before I had children and what I do do now.

A couple times a week when I pick up my kids from school and the weather is nice, many of us mums sit and chat while we watch our little monsters run around in the school playground.

It sure beats going straight home with the kids destroying our just-cleaned-by-the-cleaner-today house.

They can destroy the school playground.

That's what it's there for.

It's great for the children to run around and play, chasing each other, climbing trees, scaling the rope obstacles, or flipping round and round the gym bars.

It's also really nice for us mums to catch up with one another sharing how hellish our week has been.

Just the other day, I was having a nice catch-up with a fellow mum who also has three kids, and while we were chatting, I was pleasantly reminded how we're really all just the same.

My mummy friend was telling me about her crazy day and how she was with her little toddler and they went to pick up a little kitten because her kids wanted a pet, and then how she realised her kid had just done a poo in his diaper, and she also realised that she didn't have any baby wipes or diapers, and then she had to take the kid and the kitten to the store to buy kitty litter, and then ... and then ...

(Breathe IN! Breathe OUT)

I know in the moment she felt like a crazy person and she could have used a shot of gin or something similar, but I couldn't help but laugh while she told me her story because I could totally relate.

All mums can relate.

Sometimes I feel like my house is a zoo. Or a circus. Or an insane asylum.

Sometimes I actually want to run out of my house and just disappear for an undetermined amount of time.

One of the things us mums share and empathise about is the question, "What the heck did we do before we had kids?"

I almost can't remember.

The most challenging time in my life and what also caused the most transformation within myself was when my first child was born. 

No one is ever able to explain how much your life changes when you have your first child. 

It's freaking HARD.

Which is why I've created and designed a focus group for mums.

On every last Monday of each month (unless otherwise noted), I holding and hosting a FREE mummy support group.

It's for three hours, from 11:00 - 2:00, and the Effraspace in Brixton. And the first gathering is coming up soon - Monday, 31st October.

Here's the address:

21 Effra Parade, London SW2 1PX

Any woman can join, pregnant, new mum, mum of 2, 3, 4+ children.

Other professionals will join to contribute and help out sharing their expertise.

The purpose of this is to gather with other mums for support, to find a safe and non-judgemental place, to share and find some guidance about any challenges.

We all need that.

I know I do sometimes.

If you'd like to join, let me know. Or share this with other mums! Trust me, they'll want to be there!

Hope to see you soon!

— Dr MaryAnne.

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