My reset 'button' can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Often I have people telling me how great the energy is in my adjusting room.

It's very important for people, especially children, to feel comfortable and safe in my practice. I aim to create that environment.

Not sure what it really is but I have some theories.

When I lived in New York and got married, my husband and I were in the process of moving and we had to sell our apartment. We wanted to sell fast for various reasons, and my estate agent advised us to 'stage' the apartment.

One of my friends is an amazing Feng Shui practitioner, and I hired her to give me some guidance. This was her expertise. She came in with a compass and did her magic. 

I knew nothing about Feng Shui except that it helped with the look and feel of a room.

I did what she told me and we were able to get our apartment sold in only a few weeks. Plus, that was back in 2008 just after the big financial crash. What a disaster. And we still successfully sold our place.

A few friends of mine even suggested that we keep the place. It looked that good!

Anyway, since then, I truly believe that when you walk in to a room, the energy can be felt and some places feel off, cold, and uninviting. But some places are so deliciously cozy, you don't ever want to leave.

Another thing I do to help make my practice (and my home) have good energy is this: before I start an adjusting shift, I pick a tune that I love, blast the music, and dance.

For me, dancing is my automatic reset button.

I do this at home too.

It just makes me feel awesome, it clears my mind, and gives me a happy jolt instantly!

Maybe this doesn't work for everyone, but I know that it works for me. And it works for my kids. They love dancing!

(Sometimes they think mummy is crazy, but that's OK!)

It's especially great if I don't even feel like doing anything and I'm just in a shittzy mood. When every little thing gets on my nerves, I know it's time for a 60 second dance party.

That's what elevates my energy. It's also how I can continually help create the wonderful energy in my practice. 

So, call it Feng Shui, or dance energy - good vibes can be accessed and created just like that.

Go dance a little!

(Or do a two-step in my practice next time!)

— Dr MaryAnne.

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