For a kid, one comment from a friend can completely change his posture for life

My son sometimes complains about life and says to me,

"Mummy, you're life is so easy. You're an adult."


If he only knew.

I know how he feels. 

I remember when I was a kid, life seemed SO HARD. 




No friends.

Being made fun of.

Sucking at math.

Being judged and laughed at.

Being picked last for a sports team.

Yeah. Life as a kid isn't easy.

My son says that his life is so hard and that it's not fair because I'm an adult and I don't have to go to school.

We grown-ups forget many of the little details from our childhood, and as parents, it's not easy to truly understand what our children go through on a daily basis.

How many times does your child openly share about the details of their day?

Stressful events in a child's life can add up to causing their bodies to go into a stress posture.

Head sulked down.

Shoulders hunched.

Tail tucked in.

Abdominal muscles shrunken, and the breath shallow.

Some adults who have poor postures and unhealthy spines can remember a time in their childhood that was particularly stressful, and was most likely a significant factor in causing the poor posture.

Even one comment from a foe can trigger the stress posture. 

Something like,

"Your hair always looks messy."

"You're too tall."

"You can't hang out with us today."

"I bet you don't know how many planets there are in the solar system."


Kids want to fit in.

Kids want to feel they are loved.

That translates to being accepted, respected, and cool.

And often, moments of stress can trigger the beginnings of poor posture, which can lead to poor self-esteem, and that infiltrates their minds as they grow up into young adults.

This is why I tell parents to bring them in for me to check their spines to see what stresses and tensions are in their systems.

And then they get adjusted.

The adjustments will allow their growing bodies to release tension, to reorganise, and to be more aware of their posture.

Also, a good result is the child growing up feeling confident, knowing that they have good posture and good health.

Every parent wants that for their kid.

We want them to be happy.

Chiropractic is an essential part of that for children.

When they start their lives with chiropractic care, they grow up with healthy bodies and healthy lives.

See you and the rest of your brood soon!

— Dr MaryAnne

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