Simple Posture Exercise

Correcting posture isn't as easy as just making yourself stand taller. 

If you tell someone to stand better, "Correct your posture," it won't make much of a difference. 

The reason is because it actually takes years and years for bad posture to develop. Nearly all adults with bad posture started 'deforming' their spine and body from childhood.

When stress is perceived around us, our bodies go into what is called a 'defense posture'. It's a stress response. We can understand this as adults, and it happens in all of us, starting from a baby in utero and during birth. 

Defense Posture

Defense Posture

Children are dealing with stress in their own ways, and if life gets really stressful repeatedly, this will form the poor posture.

Once it's formed and the child grows into a young adult with poor posture, it's very hard to rewire the brain, nervous system, and musclular system to reeducate itself and learn to correct the bad posture.

Child stressed and upset, which causing the defense posture

Child stressed and upset, which causing the defense posture

I've seen many adults with poor posture, mainly a classic forward head tilt and hunched shoulders. Sometimes it takes years to correct even with proper chiropractic adjustments, stretches, and exercises.

Exercises are boring and although many people start doing them enthusiastically, many people just drop them after a couple weeks because they are too time consuming or too complex or too uncomfortable.

I made a video of a very simple, easy, and quick exercise that you can feel working instantly.

So, make sure you keep getting adjusted, do this exercise, and any others that your chiropractor has given you.

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— Dr MaryAnne


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