If 'average' is the standard, then I'm not interested.

Last night I went to my second Christmas Party for this year's festivities. 

My London HypnoBirthing group's Christmas party.

(My first party was last week for my husband's work do. I'm halfway disappointed it wasn't anything like this.)

You know when you get together with a group of people and you just love every one of them?


Well, it was like that.

I'm so happy and honoured to be part of such an awesome and inspiring group of women. 

Let me tell you.

When someone says "hypnobirthing" to you, what comes to your mind?

Peace and bananas, baby?

Crunchy, granola, organic mamas?

Vegan crystal-wearing yogis?

Unicorns over the rainbow lovers?

Well, sort of. And not.

We're the coolest and best group of awesome women, people.

The founder of London HypnoBirthing is Hollie built this team of powerful, wise, and successful women to help support other women from pre-conception, pre-natal, post-natal care, and through motherhood. The combined resources that we provide is phenomenal and we are all passionate in helping women and mothers fall in love with pregnancy, birth, and being a mother.

The whole evening was full of laughter, celebration, fun, and lots food and bubbly drinks. 

At one point, the conversation was about how our careers evolve and the choices we make and why we do what we do.

All of us agreed that inside our passion and love for helping women, we always aim to be the best and continue being extraordinary.

Yet, we find that sometimes there are people in our lives, often the closest ones who test and challenge our passion and our desires to be the best. We've all experienced circumstances where we've been questioned about why we are doing what we do.

"Why not just take it easy and go at an average pace?"


That shocked us all.

No way!

"If mediocrity is the highest limit, then I'm not interested in doing this. What I what is to be THE BEST in my profession and that's THE ONLY way to go!"

Hell yeah!

When you have a passion, a dream, a WHY in your desires and your profession, nothing will stop you from striving for being the best. 

When you know it in your heart and mind that you are becoming the best, nothing can stop you.

That's how I live. That's how my desires fuel me. To be the best.

It's awesome and inspiring to be part of a group who shares the same purpose!

Surrounding myself with those people is essential to my happiness!

Now, on to the next Christmas Party! (I think I have 2 more to go!)

Have fun at yours!

See you at your next adjustment.

— Dr MaryAnne



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