If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

Have you heard of that saying? 

I know. It's very American to say the word "ain't". But you get the message. 

It's true!

And to expand on that concept, it's not just all about the 'Mama'. What if your eldest child was ill? With a high fever? Or couldn't shake a cough for weeks? Or worse, their behaviour was regularly off, like poor appetite and eating, poor sleeping, chronic ear aches, and other conditions?

How about the Daddy in the family? He matters too! What if he came home and was really grumpy, angry, and didn't talk to anyone because he just had a rough day or week. 

Doesn't ALL OF THAT throw your whole family off? 

It just makes the entire household funky!

I just received a wonderful testimonial from a regular 'practice member'. Here's what she had to say about her family getting adjusted regularly in my office.

We were originally recommended to contact Maryanne by a friend, as at the time, we were struggling with the behaviour of one of our children. Initially we focused on our little girl, but in so doing, we felt that we would really benefit from adjustments as a family. My husband was a little cynical at first, but after a few regular adjustments, we started noticing a really lovely ‘calm’ descending on the children and therefore our whole family! Throughout the three months of family plan adjustments, we noticed that our little girl’s behaviour improved hugely and our whole family dynamic changed in such a positive way- a more constant feeling of happiness continued, and our parenting became generally more calm, dealing with things in a much more level and balanced manner.

Overall, we would highly recommend Maryanne- there is nothing nicer than collapsing on her treatment bed, and after 20 minutes of adjusting feeling refreshed, happy and well!

Let's get real. Family life with young children, marriage, work, school, pets ... everything ... it's hard! And sometimes we just want to blow up, run away, scream, and escape all this stuff! That's reality. 

Everyone feels that way. You wouldn't be human if you didn't. 

I've never met a mummy friend of mine who says, "Oh, I love everything about my husband, I love my job, my kids are always angels, life is like a spa day every day, and I feel great about my body and my hair and everything about myself. All the time."

Yeah, right. Bitch.

Back down to earth now.

That's why I love my family plans.

Families getting adjusted regularly. Everyone in the household is under the care plan benefiting from the positive affects of the adjustments. Every week. And it's unlimited for three months. 

But you gotta commit. Otherwise, don't bother. Don't do it half-ass. 

Do it. Or don't.

Because you'll be disappointed when you don't get that feeling of 'calm' after one month. 

If you started an exercise program and you didn't hit your goal after one month, would you stop?


Families that do positive things together, are happier and healthier together. Especially with regular chiropractic care. 

And guess what? The kids LOVE it too!

Just watch.

Email to sign up or find out more.

One Happy Mama,

Dr MaryAnne.