When a backwards "e" is a major life crisis

When I think about my early childhood, bits and pieces of events float in and out of my memory. 

Surely they aren't accurate, and a lot of it has to do with the emotions involved, what I learned, and the 'story' around what I think happened.

Lately, my five year old has been enthusiastically learning her letters and words and spelling. 

I've been thoroughly impressed with how eager she is in reading and writing all by herself.

She's sounding out everything.

It's definitely not how I remember it when I was five. 

Then again, I don't even remember how it was when I first learned how to read and write.

Anyway, she loves writing notes to everyone. 

To me, to her father, her siblings, and also her friends.

The other day I told her that she was invited to one of her best friend's birthday party.

Ever since I told her, she's been obsessed with writing her a birthday card.

It's very sweet.

So this afternoon we went to the shop and picked out a card.

As soon as we got home, she immediately sat down and started to write, "Deer Susie."

(Name has been changed to protect anyone involved.)

Then the crisis hit.

As I helped her write her letters, just sounding them out with her, she asked me while motioning in the air with her finger, "Is the "e" like this way? Or this way?"

She's whisping her finger in the air trying to show me how to draw an "e" as if the paper was floating in front of her.

Then, in the card, she drew her lower-case 'e' for 'Susie'.

"There! Look mummy! Like this?"

Uh oh. It's fudking backwards.

Here it comes.

My little perfectionist Virgo female five-year-old starts having a conniption. 

Like it's the end of the world.

Like, there's no more opportunity to write another "e".


I'm trying really really hard not to laugh.

It's a frickin' "E" for crying out loud (literally!).

What the hell is wrong with her?

Oh, I know.

It's 6:00pm and she's exhausted.

And she's five.

So I hug her and hold her and tell her that practice is what she needs and that she has to learn from her mistakes.

Nope. Uh uh.

How the hell is a five-year-old perfectionist going to understand THAT?

She wasn't having it.

So I just held her. Caressing her face and her hair. Sitting as calmly and lovingly as possible.

The girl was totally done. Caput. Spent.

Long days at school will do that to an active girl!

Then after her wailing turned into quiet whimpers, I asked her, "Do you want an adjustment?"

Nod nod.

"Ok, let's get adjusted. Turn your power ON."

And she laid down on the adjusting table and I adjusted her.

Then, once the adjustment was finished, she hopped up, high-fived me, and had a sudden burst of energy!

It was like a switch turned on.

Oh boy. 

I know the adjustment was good for her, but as her mom who wanted some P&Q, the effect was opposite of what I had hoped.

I really wanted her to get conked out.

Nope. She just had a new zest for life.

Everything was peachy, and the whole backwards "e" problem - totally forgotten.

Life was AWESOME again.

And there we have it. 

Life of a 5-year-old.

One minute life sucks.

The next (after an adjustment), life is superb!

Whoo Hoo!

See you at YOUR next adjustment!

— Dr MaryAnne.

No, dear, the baby isn't delivered by a bird

When I was pregnant with my second baby, my daughter asked how the baby would come out. And I told her that I had to push her out of the vagina (AKA the birth canal).

(Please refer to previous post if not clear about this anatomy.)

Shock and horror ensued.

"You mean the baby just doesn't appear? Who takes it out?"

"I do, sweetie. I deliver my baby, just like I delivered you."

In my practice with pregnant women, something always happens:

There's a moment during an adjustment with a pregnant woman when she goes into a very calm state, she's totally zoned out, almost as if she's asleep, and her energy is so beautiful.

Her breath is deep, slow, and peaceful.

All her tension is nearly gone.

And it's as if I can also hear her heartbeat and her baby's heartbeat.

It's a magical moment.

I love it.

And then they get snapped out of it because she has to turn over so I can assess her front pelvis.

They always literally peel themselves up off the table and the look on their face is as if I've injected them with some potent euphoria-inducing drug.

Actually, it's not too far off what's really happening.

The difference is that this 'drug' is coming from within their bodies and that euphoric feeling is what pregnant women can access when they are in labour.

When a pregnant woman contacts me because she has heard about chiropractic wellness care for pregnancy, or she's in severe pain in her pelvis or back, I'm so happy because I know she's about to experience something amazing.

All of the pregnant women (yes, 100%) that have come to my practice for pregnancy chiropractic care have responded exceptionally well with fantastic results, giving them a much easier pregnancy that they can enjoy as much as possible.

Also, many women hear about pre-conception health because they are trying to get pregnant and they want to ensure that their bodies are at optimal healthy levels to start with a healthy pregnancy.

Women who start with regular chiropractic care pre-conception usually conceive within three months of care.

Some longer, but most before.

And once they are pregnancy, they continue with regular chiropractic adjustments and they are able to experience pregnancy with no pain, or very little discomfort.

When I was pregnant for each of my three children, I wasn't the type to bask in the joys of a glowing and glorious pregnancy. 

I was also under regular chiropractic care, and I had a very easy pregnancy.

But I didn't LOVE it.

Most women will say that pregnancy is not comfortable. 

The body changes tremendously and very rapidly.

That's usually not very comfortable.

How would you like it if you gained a huge amount of weight all over in only 5, 6, 7 months, and most of the weight is in the front, like a bowling ball hanging there.

Here's the truth: you feel like a whale and it's not fun moving around.

I have no doubt in my mind that pregnancy chiropractic care from pre-pregnancy, the first trimester, and throughout the entire 9-10 months is what makes the whole experience much better.

There is another woman in my practice that got pregnant relatively quickly considering very tricky circumstances, and I'm certain that's because she was having her regular chiropractic adjustments.

And although she experienced severe nausea in the beginning of her pregnancy, she is sure that she has been able to feel more comfortable from the beginning than if she wasn't receiving her weekly adjustments.

She said she wouldn't be able to live without them.

And I totally agree.

Very few women know about pregnancy chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is essential for having a healthy pregnancy where you're able to feel well, and also experience a smooth birth with fewer interventions during birth.

If you know anyone who is pregnant or who wants to be pregnant and wants to have a positive experience throughout her pregnancy, then tell them about chiropractic care. 

It doesn't matter if they don't live in London and they can't come to me.

There are fantastic chiropractors all over the world who have experience in pregnancy chiropractic care.

Spread the word. Help me educate more women!

See you soon - and don't forget about your free Christmas adjustment next Tuesday!

— Dr MaryAnne.


You give birth. You have a baby.

Before you can carry on enjoying your gorgeous bundle of joy, your midwife or paediatrician has to check that everything's working normal.
Five fingers, five toes, breathing, heart rate, is the skin pink enough, reflexes, and all that jazz.
Well, what about the spine? 

As you probably already know, I love babies. I love everything about them. If I could have 12 of my own, I would. They just grow up too fast. I would have so many that I'd probably be able to have a TV show about it. 

But, I'm 43. And I already have three kids (well, four, if I consider the husband). And they're all a handful.

One of the many things I love about babies is checking their spines Checking a newborn's spine and adjusting them within the first week of birth is essential to proper health and optimal function.


Because a baby's spine is quite cramped inside the womb in the last few weeks of birth.
Also, the birth process, however it happened, is both intense and often traumatic to the mother and the baby.

The bones in the neck and head can often move out of the correct alignment and position creating pressure on the spinal cord. If this is undetected, it can lead to common health problems like difficulty breastfeeding, colic, digestive problems, irritability, sleep issues, and immune dysfunction. 

Very common issues. Not normal and not ideal.

In a study of 1000 newborns, 80% of them had some type of spinal nerve dysfunction. Read more about this here.

Of course you want your baby to start out life in the best possible way, so why wouldn't anyone want to have their baby's spine and nervous system checked for optimal alignment, balance, and function?

Look, think of it this way, when was the last time you had to wiggle yourself out through a 10cm hole? 

All babies have a spine, and all babies need their spines checked by a paediatric chiropractor within the first week of life. 

Doesn't that make sense?

So if you have children, get their spines checked and adjusted!

See you guys this week!

— Dr MaryAnne AKA Dr Squeeze

If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

Have you heard of that saying? 

I know. It's very American to say the word "ain't". But you get the message. 

It's true!

And to expand on that concept, it's not just all about the 'Mama'. What if your eldest child was ill? With a high fever? Or couldn't shake a cough for weeks? Or worse, their behaviour was regularly off, like poor appetite and eating, poor sleeping, chronic ear aches, and other conditions?

How about the Daddy in the family? He matters too! What if he came home and was really grumpy, angry, and didn't talk to anyone because he just had a rough day or week. 

Doesn't ALL OF THAT throw your whole family off?