A Big Fat Greek Wedding!


Very soon, my baby brother is getting married. Hurray! His bride is Greek. They met in Paros, Greece, a beautiful small island just south of Mykonos. 

And it's going to be like Mama Mia and A Big Fat Greek Wedding all rolled in one!

So, this is to inform you about when I leave for this amazing holiday!

This week's schedule:

Tuesday,      12 July     9:15—11am, 4:30—7pm
Wednesday, 13 July    12:30—1:30
Thursday,     14 July    4:30—7pm
Friday,          15 July    10am—12pm

Next week:

Monday,      18 July       5:30—7:15
Tuesday,     19 July       9:15—11:00

Office Closed (I'll be at the Big Fat Greek Wedding in Paros!)

Wednesday 20 July — 3 August, inclusive

Adjustments Resume:

Thursday 4 August!     4:30—7pm

I will send out this email a few times before I leave just to make sure that everyone gets it!

The good news is that school will be out, holidays will start, people will get some more Vitamin D (which is great for healing and the function of the immune system), and you can allow your body some time to process all the adjustments you've had. It's good to take a pause from anything repetitive in life, even if it's good for you! Taking a break, by definition, is good for you!

The other good news is that the people in Paros will get adjusted by me! I've got some friends I haven't seen in years coming from the States and they've requested some chiropractic awesomeness from me. I'm really looking forward to adjusting lots of people over the holidays!

And the not-as-good-news is that I won't get adjusted! AHHHH!

See you this week and next!