Do you dance naked?

You should try it some time. I promise you, it'll give you a boost of energy. 

It helps me when I get overwhelmed with stress.

As you know, I love adjusting all the people who come to my office. What I really respect is when people commit, get into action, and take responsibility for their health. It's even more fun when whole families commit for family wellness. Some of you might things that I love my job all the time. Well, nearly. 

One of the things I know I'm fortunate about is that I mostly run my practice on a referral basis. Mums send over their other mum friends to help their babies. Pregnant mums send me their other pregnant mum friends. Families refer other families. It's wonderful, and that's how I've created my practice.

Recently I created a policy about accepting new people, the ones that find me from a Google search. These are the ones looking for my help for pain relief. 

I know most people think that chiropractic is only about neck pain and back pain. Nope. Wrong. Sure, it can help that, but it's not the only thing it's about. 

The bottom line is, pain management is not what my practice is about. That's why I have a 'pain policy'. 

For people who need help because they have shoulder pain or low back pain, they have to commit to the care plan. Not, pay-as-you-go plan. Uh uh.

If you wanted great abs, would you expect a 6-pack by the end of the week? 


People in pain who seek my services are a challenge for me. Why? Because chiropractic is about helping the body heal itself, and—for some patients at least—that’s new and acceptance of it takes time. 

Most people in life just want their problems fixed for them. But actually, though I can be there to help some of it, and I believe quite well, they have much to do as well.

Here's my request to you: when you refer a friend to me, before you give them my phone number, please tell them that I require from them time and commitment. If they want a quickie that will make them feel 14 again, sorry, not here. They need to commit to the care plan. It's just being honest and straightforward. And that's how you want to be with your friends.

In the meantime, I'll keep coping with the 'pain patients' by de-stressing during my naked dances!

See you soon!

— Dr MaryAnne