Please remove your pants.

In moving to a different country, even one that speaks the same language, one must be careful.

America famously has the best legal system that the trial lawyers’ money could buy: lots of things can go wrong for the unwary.

But here in London I keep actively resisting my own stumble.

When I was practising as a chiropractor in New York, sometimes I would ask a patient “please remove your pants”. The outer leg wear would be removed.

Here in London, that same instruction could lead to male customers being puzzled or optimistic. 

There are other things in the UK about which a woman must be careful.


Yes yes, it is addictively delicious. But apparently it isn’t calorie-free. 

Another scenario in which I often find myself. Every time I hear the word “fag” I cringe. I should cringe because cigarettes are terrible for the health.

Yes, but no.

The same word, same spelling, in the USA, is very rude indeed.

And that refreshing summer drink, which barely tastes of alcohol at all, Pimm’s, can quickly lead to an indecorous outcome.

(Adjective suggested by the very Brit husband: no New Yorker would say “indecorous”. I wouldn't even know how to pronounce that word. Where is the annunciation?)


"Please remove your pants."

Somehow, sometimes, I feel that my Americanisms shine out too much. 

See you for your next adjustment!

(And when you hear me say something too American, feel free to point it out!)

MaryAnne ShiozawaComment