She said she forgot to get adjusted!

And that's a good problem so many people wish they had.

People start regular chiropractic care for a variety of reasons. Sadly, too many have had a long history of chronic poor illness.

Happily, I've seen many people recover, improve, and transform their health and their lives over time through regular chiropractic adjustments.

One of my darling sweet and beautiful practice members emailed me the other day saying this:

"I have a problem- I keep forgetting to book in an adjustment! Because I am no longer in any pain now!!! I am growing stronger by following your advice, I can keep up with the pace of life I need to, I sleep so well now, and my body doesn't flunk out when life gets too stressful, in fact it stays calm and relaxed so I cope with it better!"

When you've been dealing with chronic ill health, constant pain everyday, and many more problems causing your body to malfunction, you'd welcome this little issue about forgetting to come in for your adjustment.

There are such things as good problems in life.

I've never had chronic pain before, but I can imagine that if I did, my biggest desire would be to wake up and have a day being pain-free!

Wouldn't you?

My awesome practice member, who is a superstar in my opinion (she's starting to believe that herself more and more everyday), is embracing her health transformation, experiencing her body in new ways where 'normal' is exciting for her.

You define your 'normal'.

And so many people wish they could feel normal.

'Normal' for someone might look like this:

1. To wake up feeling energised.
2. To wake up feeling happy.
3. To be able do an activity with pleasure and not feel worried about how you'll be in pain or not afterwards.
4. To be able to socialise without feeling anxious or self-conscious.
5. To exercise and experience accomplishment and satisfaction after a workout.
6. To laugh 10 times a day, and feel the effects from it hours and days after it.
7. To have thoughts of pleasure and contentment that come in waves throughout your day.
8. To be in action about something you want to achieve.
9. To be able to deal with stress with control, calmness, and relative ease rather than panic, worry, and anxiety.
10. To be able to say that you love your life.

How's that for 'normal'?

Many people who are under regular chiropractic care share their stories about how they feel great and they can finally do normal things. 

Having that is completely possible, and excelling in that life is also due to remembering to continue your adjustments.

Even after the pain goes away.

You just have to remember to get adjusted. No big whoop.

And when your body gets adjusted, you can be sure that the rest will take care of itself. 

Declare your normal. It can be however you want it to be.

But just remember to keep getting adjusted.

See you soon!

— Dr MaryAnne