Don't ignore that lump in your crotch

There's a saying in the chiropractic profession.

"If your spine was on your face, you'd take much better care of it."

I'd say the same thing goes with the area between your legs.

If you had a rash there or a lump or something painful, you'd be at the doctor's in a flash.

Personally, I find it very strange how many people will only deal with what's right in front of them, literally staring them in the face.

And sometimes that's not true either.

Let alone having a few aches and pains in the neck or back.

Most adults who walk into my practice for the first time are in some sort of pain. 

Usually it's in the low back or in the neck.

And then they sit down, tell me their life story (nearly all of it pertains to the issue at hand), and they ultimately want the pain to go away.


Pain is bad.

(Not true.)

No one wants pain.

And most people don't take responsibility for their pain.

An ache in the neck for a few days turns into weeks, and then on and off for a few months. 

That's usually about the point when I see the person. That's when they think,

"Hmmmm, this sucks. Something's not right. I need to get this fixed. It's annoying me and I can't cope with this anymore."

They take action and book an appointment to see me.

The problem is, my idea of help isn't the same thing as their idea of help.

For the most part, generally, people think I'm going to 'treat' the problem and it'll get fixed.

Much to their dismay, that's not what happens in my practice.

Pain is only 10% of the situation. My job is to help you with the 90%, because that's the problem that has been brewing in your body for years. 

Maybe decades.

If the 90% was looked after (mostly by you, and with my help to facilitate the body), then the pain will just ease and eventually go away.

Patience is also a major factor in this too.

It takes TIME for your body to heal and change.

In my professional viewpoint, back pain and neck pain is a serious problem.

It's not something to ignore for months and months.

And it's not something that will 'get fixed' for you.

No one can do that except you.

If you had an ugly zit on your face, or a rash, or a painful nodule that you can see when you look in the mirror, you'll tend to it almost immediately.

Same thing goes with your crotch area. Oh, that's serious stuff. No one wants an itchy rash down there.

So you deal with it.


But if you have pain in your back, do you ignore it, push through, and tell yourself it'll get better soon and go away by itself?

Most of the time, for many people, considering the circumstances and the outcome, it should not be ignored.

Here's a new flash: Your spine is located in your back, and goes all the way up to your head. 

And it connects to a very complex and amazing organ in your body: your brain.

(It's your body's hard drive.)

Pain anywhere in the back can mean many things, and if you keep trying to delay taking care of the most important system in your body (your spine and nervous system), the more negative effects it will have on your health and ultimately your life.

This is no joke.

The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to make any positive changes to improve the situation.

Your 60-year-old self will be kicking and bitching at "your-now-self" because you were too proud and stubborn to wake up and get with the health program.

So pretend that your spine is on your face and start taking better care of it now.

Get your spine checked and adjusted regularly!

Keep it healthy!

See you soon!

— Dr MaryAnne.

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