The greatest job in the world

Every week I work out with my very serious and intensely dedicated personal trainer, Mark Davenport

His wife just had a baby 5 weeks ago and she's exhausted.

This morning, during my training session with Mark, he stopped to go upstairs to get something.

(His gym is in his house.)

Then he came back down with his newborn son in tow, holding it like an American football.

You can guess what I did.

I just melted and immediately picked up his newborn.

If you know me well, you know that I absolutely LOVE newborns. 

I love holding them.

When I hold them, I automatically start checking their spines.

And babies love this too.

If I could, I'd go around maternity wards in hospitals picking up newborns, holding and rocking them, all at the same time checking their spines to see if there's anything that needs adjusting.

You know what though?

I have the best job in the world.

Today I held and checked FOUR babies.

Between the ages of 5 weeks to 16 months.

And they all loved it.

(I think I loved it more than they did though. They are so cute!)

Checking babies is not about looking for what's 'wrong'.

It's about checking to see if their system is clear and free of tension in their spines and nervous systems.

When I find something, it's only a very small and gentle adjustment that helps their bodies be in the best optimal state possible.

That's how every baby should be.

Yet, I see so many babies and children every where I go that NEED spinal chiropractic adjustments.

It's one of those 'occupational hazards': going around my day wanting to put my hands on people to help correct their postural ailments. 

Children included.

One day, sometime in the future, I'll be in hospital maternity wards doing rounds to check dozens of newborns a week to make sure their spines are in optimal condition.

Until then, I will continue to love checking the babies that come into my practice and around me in my daily life (such as when I go to work out).

See you at your next adjustment soon!

— Dr MaryAnne