Husbands are both correct and wrong

Marriage is many things.

Sometimes it feels like the greatest thing in the world.

Sometimes it feels like the shittiest thing in the world.

And there's all the rest of what's in between those two realities.

For me, personally, marriage has been more challenging than I thought.

But don't get me wrong.

That's not a complaint.

It's just the nature of the beast.

Having and creating a marriage that is engaging, fun, happy, and fulfilling is a constant effort.

And sometimes I just don't wanna play.

It wasn't really until closer to my 10th year of marriage that I realised I really wasn't going to be able to change my husband (AKA My Brit).

After all, wasn't it Samuel Pepys, a famous diarist who once said,

"A woman marries a man because she thinks she can change him. A man marries a woman because he thinks she won't change. Both will be disappointed."

People who know both my husband and me know that we are very different from one another.

The topic of health is a constant debate in our household.

It definitely wasn't My Brit's healthy ways that attracted me to him.

(It was actually his accent that got me swooning and smitten. But that's another story to tell.)

My Brit loves food. 

The higher the fat and salt the better.

Add the alcohol and you have a near perfect meal.

My Brit believes in these essential food groups:

Fat; salt; sugar; butter; cheese; mustard; coffee; and alcohol

My husband is, as is the nature of husbands, both correct and wrong.

What about ice cream and chocolate?


In all seriousness, my Brit does love to push my buttons and tease me a lot, only because I get so easily worked up about this subject.

We're not anywhere near being a perfect couple.

We argue.

A lot.

And it's quite tumultuous.

But luckily, it's balanced out with the good times out-numbering the not-so-good times.

Like 75% good, 25% bad.

Plus, I adjust him regularly.

Now, I'm convinced that's a plus.

He's lucky.

In more ways than one.

(I am too.)

See you at your next adjustment!

— Dr MaryAnne