A message from the Gods

Something happened yesterday that was just WAY too frakking close for comfort.

I have to write about it because writing for me is cathartic. 

It was one of those moments that scares the living shit out of you, and you think, "What the fugk just happened - oh my god if that was just 2 inches closer we'd be in the hospital - OMG OMG OMG."

Basically, yesterday for my son's birthday, we went out for dinner, and on the way home while crossing a very busy street, I wasn't paying attention and my son nearly got hit by this asshole who thought his merc was hot shit and had to run a yellow light speeding past us."

Yes, it was mainly my fault though.

I wasn't paying attention to the light changing, woke up and decided to pay attention, and stupidly crossed the street at the very last minute with the kids. 

(There were other people walking across as well at the same time though.)

My kids were hyper, especially my birthday boy, and he just bolted across.

Then, out of my peripheral vision, in the last lane out flies a white mercedes blazing its engine full throttle.

And I screamed louder than I have in years, which may have saved my son because he instantly stopped in his tracks and just missed the asshole car.

(The whole city probably heard me.)

Holy crap.

What a wake up call.

I just thought, "If it was only a few seconds or feet difference, this would have had a VERY different outcome."

It took me most of the night to let the incident not affect me, and I had to pull in some serious calming techniques for myself (and for my son).

(He's OK by the way.)

Anyway, the point of this post is that, my god, was that a HUGE lesson.

A lesson to SLOW the fudk down.

A lesson to be grateful for every single moment that I am able to touch, hold, hug, speak to, smile and laugh with ... everything, all of it, the whole ganzadoo ... with my family.

It's also a lesson and a big enormous eye-opener that there are people out there with MUCH more seriously challenging lives, for whatever the reason and circumstance.

(Deep breath)

It's not often that these things happen, thankfully, and even though that crazy incident made my heart jump out of my fugking body, I have to thank the Universe or the Gods or Goddesses for showing me that lesson.

But please, next time, can I have that lesson given to me in a nicer way?

— Dr MaryAnne