They think you're stupid

My eldest is 11.

Eleven going on sixteen.

She's changing a lot.

Sleeping in later (I have to wake her up most mornings for school).

One thing about this age is that she's starting to worry about her appearance.


Make up.


(Not so much about the boys yet, thank God.)

So she's becoming self-conscious about stuff, and some of that has to do with what her classmates say or think about her.

I tell her,

"Don't worry about what others think of you.

It's not important.

No one can decide who you are and what you should do and who you can be.

Only you can."

It's an important 'skill' to understand.

As she gets older, more complex social issues will come about, Facebook will probably come into the picture, and lots of self-discovery will ensue.

Opinions and comments will be said.

Most people spew out negative comments thinking that it's the truth.

It's human nature to respond to these.

What's important to learn is that those comments, opinions, and slurs are not the truth. 

They don't matter.

What matters is how you choose to respond to them.

The most efficient response is to move on, stay grounded in your positivity, and keep doing what makes you happy and what you love to do.

So what if someone doesn't agree with you?

It's YOUR life.

The more self-connected and self-aware you are, the more grounded you will become.

Build your own inner treasure of yourself.

Create that shield around yourself to ward off stupid comments.

They can't penetrate that protective shield.

How can you make that stronger?

Taking care of your body.

Working on yourself.



Good nutrition.

And chiropractic care.

My kids know much of this already, but they are just kids. 

They have to be told this on a daily level.

It's practice and skill.

Life lessons.

Of love.

#stopworrying #startcreating #getchiropractic

— Dr MaryAnne