I have been waiting and waiting for these results

I feel like I'm the most patient person in the world.

You have to be if you take this exam.

Because the guy who tests you is the founder of the technique.

Network Spinal Analysis.

This guy (who happens to be a genius) created NSA, and is still developing this technique since the early 1980s.

He's very weird.

And he's amazing.

But he sucks at timing.

Plus, he's very busy.

So I kinda understand.

He flies all over the world teaching his technique to chiropractors, holding seminars, educating people about everything his minds conjures up.

And it's super strange shit.

But it's also brilliantly cool.

Only chiropractic students and chiropractors are 'allowed' to learn this technique.

There are three 'parts' in which to get certified.

(Parts 1, 2, and 3 for full certification.)

I had taken and passed Parts 1 & 2 years ago.

Finally, because of time and scheduling issues, I was able to sit the practical Part 3, the final certification level.

About four years ago, I wanted to take this exam. 

But he said to me, "You're not ready."

And he was right.

I wasn't ready. 

I probably would have failed if I took it then.

Failing isn't a bad thing.

I think failing sets you up for more opportunity to learn.

Nevertheless, I didn't take it then.

So, finally, I felt ready last year, and the exam was only offered in November.

It's rumoured that you have to wait a few months to find out your results, so once the test is taken, you just know you have to wait.

But I didn't realise I'd have to wait past January.

February crept up.

I contacted the NSA offices.

"Hi, I took Part 3 in November. Any chance you could let me know when I'd get my results back please?"

"Sure. You should hear back in a few weeks."

March comes around.


I'm getting more and more tense.

It's on my mind nearly every day.

I check my email hoping for some news.

I check my home mail for a certificate or something to tell me.


So I send more emails.

"You should hear very very soon."

I know. I was warned that it's a long wait.


That doesn't necessarily make it easier.

It's April.

Now, after a back and forth through emails, how much longer can I wait?


I got the email last night.


(An huge exhale, a big smile, PHEW, and a great night's sleep.)

The wait was worth it.