How my trip to the pub was ruined by the British government

We're usually not organised.

My husband and I.

When it comes to our anniversary (12 years today), we usually forget to book anything, let alone get a babysitter in advance.

So for dinner tonight, we just decided to take our whole brood to the pub up the street.

We were starving.

Pub food isn't my usual thing, even thought I love a good burger, and it's been a while since I had a humongous meal with fries and lots of comfort food.

Plus, I've been training like crazy, lifting more weights, and my trainer told me I have to eat more to increase my muscle growth and recovery.

Win for me!

Anyway, my husband went up to the bar to order our food.



The usual.

We scarfed down our food.

(I'm still amazed, and will always be amazed, at how much food my kids can put down, especially my son, and be super lean. I mean, where does it all go?)

We all finished, and then I was in the mood for dessert.

(Right? What girl doesn't want to at least look at the dessert menu?)



Millionaire's ice cream sundae.

Oh My God.

Yes please.

(Cue in shock horror music)

Then, in italics it says,

"1050 calories"

Wait, what?

I kept reading down the list.

Brownie hot fudge sundae:

1200 calories.

Are. You. Freaking. Kidding. Me?

Caramel Toffee Pudding:

985 calories.

I look at my husband with a really pissed off stare.

He looks at me like he's done something wrong.

I blurt out, "One thousand calories? Really? Why the hell are they telling us?"

He answers in relief thankful that it's not his fault this time,

"Oh yeah, blame the British government. It's sort of becoming the law."


Oh, for feck's sake.

Let's order three.

Yes, I ate my share.

Live and let live.

Life's too short.

Carpe diem.

Oh yes. It was goooooood.

Happy Anniversary to us!

Have a great long weekend.

— Dr MaryAnne

It's a ruff ruff world out there right now

It's an ill-dog eat ill-dog world out there these days.

Seems like everyone - kids, babies, mums, dads - are coughing, feverish, miserable with some lurgy.

Everyone's fighting something.

And it seems like the lurgies are winning.

On my blog I've written a few posts about fevers and symptoms, and what most people do when that happens. 

See here and here.

Most people who I adjust know that my recommendation when the body is 'expressing health' (AKA 'being sick' to most people) is to:

  1. Get checked and adjusted as much as possible.
  2. Sleep.
  3. Stay Hydrated.
  4. Some good old-fashion TLC (everyone wants their mama when they are not feeling well).

One of my former chiropractic uni classmates and now a very successful and well-known chiropractor who practices in the States, Dr Don Clum, posted this excellent essay on children, fevers, and drugs. 

My blog posts were talking about the same thing.

But this time, I'm bowing and applauding to him.

His post is educational, thought-provoking, and to-the-point informative.

Check it out.


Now, come in and get your adjustments!

See you soon.

— Dr MaryAnne

She said she forgot to get adjusted!

She said she forgot to get adjusted!

'Normal' for someone might look like this:

1. To wake up feeling energised.
2. To wake up feeling happy.
3. To be able do an activity with pleasure and not feel worried about how you'll be in pain or not afterwards.
4. To be able to socialise without feeling anxious or self-conscious.
5. To exercise and experience accomplishment and satisfaction after a workout.
6. To laugh 10 times a day, and feel the effects from it hours and days after it.
7. To have thoughts of pleasure and contentment that come in waves throughout your day.
8. To be in action about something you want to achieve.
9. To be able to deal with stress with control, calmness, and relative ease rather than panic, worry, and anxiety.
10. To be able to say that you love your life.

The Womanly Arts


A few weeks ago I sent out an email asking you if you’ve said, “I love you” to someone recently.

Many of you responded to assure me that you had said a few ‘I-love-yous’ that morning. Excellent! It’s so important to say that regularly to the people you love.

Now, what about you? 

How well do you treat yourself? How selfish are you? What have you done today that gives you, and only you, pleasure?

You know when you’re in a plane and during the flight safety presentation they tell you to put the oxygen mask on yourself before you reach over and put it on anyone else? Yeah, that's because you can't help anyone if you’re having a hard time staying alive. Pretty common sense, right?

But that’s not automatically something we do on a regular basis.

Self-care. That’s more important than anything else.

Back when I was single and living in New York, I discovered a fantastic, brilliant institute which held seminars for women.

It’s called Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts.

I learned so much about myself and about what lights me up and gives me pleasure and happiness in my life. 

The ‘Womanly Arts’ didn’t come automatic to me, yet as I learned them, they became more and more natural to me. That's because they are.

It gave me the tools and understanding about me in these ways:

  1. Live and lead my life through my desires.
  2. There’s always a choice in life, and those choices have to be driven by pleasure.
  3. Focus on what what lights me up, puts a smile on my face, and makes me want to dance.
  4. Take care of myself with the highest level of care and respect.
  5. Do something everyday that gives me pleasure and allows me to see how grateful I am for my life.

What? You say? This is totally NOT what we're used to. That’s because we live in a culture where we're taught to hold back, put ourselves second or third, we judge, we make excuses, and we end up becoming miserable in the process.

Alongside that misery is usually poor health, pain, and low energy.

An essential part of self-care is knowing how to keep yourself healthy and feeling good. 

Chiropractic fits into this equation pretty damn well.

Chiropractic is about keeping your spine balanced. Making sure your central nervous system, the master system of the body, clear of interferences.

Getting adjusted regularly enhances the functioning of your whole body because everything is well connected. 

And, an added bonus: good posture is attractive.

Stop making excuses. Stop putting yourself second. Do something for yourself. Choose what you desire.

And we all desire good health and feeling great.

See you at your next adjustment!