Don't be that person

I don't think people understand the importance of getting their spines checked, adjusted, and keeping it healthy.

In fact, I KNOW they don't understand it.

And that's on me.

As a professional, a leader, an educator, and a healer who is passionate about helping people be healthier, feel great, and love their lives, it's a responsibility to keep sharing the benefits of chiropractic adjustments.

I'm not telling people enough how important it is to get adjusted.

Since November coming into this Winter season, I have noticed more and more people becoming so unwell with fevers, coughs, colds, headaches, pain, aches, stress - you name it.

Even worse, it's the children that are getting these symptoms over and over.

It's essential to keep the body in a healthy state so it can do what's necessary to purge the bacteria or virus which overwhelms the system.

(OK, I know. By now your eyes are glazing over and this email is getting dull. Your attention span is about 8 seconds before you hit the delete button.)

Stay with me.

I know everyone doesn't have a chiropractor in their family.

I get it.

When my husband and my kids are feeling poorly, they get adjusted every day, sometimes twice or three times a day! 

(It's very convenient and they're lucky, they know.)

Just think of it this way: you'd pop that paracetamol at least once a day, wouldn't you? 

Have you ever asked yourself (with a clear answer) why you're giving yourself or your kids paracetamol?

(Hint: it doesn't cure anything.)

Guess what?

My kids have never had a dose of antibiotics or paracetamol.


(Cue the shock, horror, scandal music.)

Some of you might think that's extreme.

I understand.

But, in my view, popping paracetamol (and by looking at the actual statistics worldwide, and the risks involved), it's an unnecessary drug for nearly all common fevers, coughs, and colds.

Children who are checked and adjusted regularly from as early as birth are healthier, get less illnesses, and are more aware of what their bodies can do.

The fear of being 'sick' is just not there.

Kids who get adjusted understand how their bodies work.

When I opened my practice, I sat on a dilemma, an obvious obstacle given that not everyone has a chiropractor in their family.

Pills and tablets are conveniently located in the medicine cabinet. But you can't have a chiropractor perched in there too.

(Wouldn't that be nice?)

So I created the Family Plan.

£200 a month for unlimited amount of adjustments (committing to a minimum of a 3-month plan).

Most people wait until they are in uncomfortable pain to get adjusted.

Don't be that person.

The whole point is to insert your adjustments in like another healthy act into your lifestyle.

And when you (or your child) are feeling poorly, that's when your body needs more help to stay in optimal function.

If you keep getting ill with coughs, colds, fevers, fatigue, digestive problems, or whatever, it's because your body is not efficiently able to heal.

That thing that's causing your body to feel like shit is lingering in there.

A well-functioning body will kill that efficiently and quickly, and be done with it.

The more you get adjusted during the time of unwellness, the better.

That's the formula.

My kids are adjusted every day when they're unwell, and my husband does too (he's a lot more work though).

So, sign up for the Family Plan, and get adjusted as much as you can this Winter.

Everyone in the household can get adjusted as much as you want when you sign up for the Family Plan.

People tell me all the time that after their adjustments, they can FEEL their bodies work better and feel better.

Paracetamol isn't what heals you.

It's your body doing all the work.

Now get your sniffling butts in here!

See you soon!

— Dr MaryAnne