It's called the whip nae nae, mom.

Spending time with my girls in Paris has been a chock full o' fun.

(And lots of learning about the latest trendy stuff. My daughters talk even more than I do.)

My 11-year-old is practically a teenager and she's teaching me a lot of songs, dance moves, and new ways to speak.

Frankly, I don't remember being like this when I was eleven.

(I probably was though.)

Kids these days seem to grow up much faster than when I was a kid.

(Is it technology that accelerates it the maturity process?)

Anyway, since we used to live in Paris, I still have a few friends living here so we went to have lunch with a close dear friend of mine.

She's a little bit younger than me, and my daughter really loves her too.

I hadn't seen her for a couple years, so it was great to see her.

The last time I saw her, things were a little sketchy in her life, and she was not doing very well causing her to resort to anti-depressant drugs.

When she told me this at the time, I did whatever I could to help her remotely, chatting with her online, texting, and emailing. 

I always told her that I knew she had it in her to fight this tough time in her life without using the drugs. I was confident that she didn't need them.

Unfortunately, so many women (1 in 7 women in the US) are taking anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs for their emotional states of depression.

And these women have no idea that almost all cases can be remedied and healed 100% naturally.

Take a look at this awesome interview with Marie Forleo and Dr Kelly Brogan.

Dr Kelly is a board-certified psychiatrist, who specialises in women's health, specifically depression and anxiety.

She just released this book all about healing depression naturally through exercise, diet, mindfulness, and meditation.

It's a phenomenal book.

I love it.

She's a big supporter and advocate for chiropractic care as well. 

I highly recommend learning more about what she teaches, how diet, foods, exercise and meditation can help clear and heal so many diseases, including depression.

As for my friend, over lunch with her, she was glowing with happiness, and she was so proud to tell me that she was doing fantastically well and she was able to get off the anti-depressants and heal herself naturally. 


It is absolutely possible to make this happen. I know this and I'll always stand by that truth!

Healing naturally is how you will be healthy. Not the drugs.

Check out Dr Kelly Brogan's website to see what she's saying about it.

In the meantime, make sure you book your massage at this amazing price of £25 for one hour!

Remember, you can book the massage now for a date later on in the future.

You pay now, and have the massage in a few weeks if that makes it easier for you!

See you next week!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

— Dr MaryAnne

Nobody puts Baby in a corner

Patrick Swayze said in Dirty Dancing, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner."

And ...

this has nothing to do with what I want to say. 

Well, it does, but only because my thoughts about this message also started with the word "nobody".

My thought is this:

"Nobody wants to be addicted to drugs for the rest of their life."


Or is that wrong?

Here's my dilemma:

A person I've known for about four years has been going through some tough times lately.

She's been battling insomnia, anxiety, and panic attacks.

Recently it was pretty bad.

I reached out to her because when I see someone I know having trouble, I always want to help.

I can't NOT offer to help.

But, she didn't come back to me, so for whatever reason, she didn't want my help.

She had been taking sleeping pills for months, and she even told me that she was addicted.

And those pills weren't working.

Lack of sleep does a big doozy to everything in your body, including your brain, so I wasn't surprised when she started to have panic attacks.

Long story short, it got bad.

Really bad.

Panic attacks every day.


And on top of the sleeping pills (which weren't working) she started to take anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills.

This is me getting stuff off my chest here: it was very difficult for me NOT to intervene and tell her that those pills were NOT going to get her healthy.

It took a few months, but fortunately, with some therapy as well, she's stable and feeling better.

The doctor had to figure out how to balance out her dosage for her pills to level things out so she's in a manageable state.

The problem is that this does NOT solve the problem.

Basically, she's relying on those pills to control her body and brain chemistry so she can 'feel' normal and seemingly function normal.

Are the pills the answer?


Definitely not.

This frustrates me even more because I know this person and I care about her.

Yet, this is becoming a huge problem in this country. 

Nearly 30% of the population is on a regular dosage of anti-psychotics or anti-depressants.

That's crazy to me.

The drugs will not 'cure' the person.

The problem will always be there if the body doesn't do its own self-healing.

How long can a person stay on those drugs? 

Five years?



It doesn't end well in many cases when those drugs are taken every day.

I predict massive problems that gradually pile on top of one another as the years go by.

My solution?

It's about changing a person's lifestyle.

Going to the root of the problem.

Listen, most of us adults have so much shit buried deep inside, and you have no idea what the hell is the problem.

When I have a person go through regular chiropractic care for 6 months or more, they are experiencing massive amounts of healing, not just from pain relief, but everything, including that deep shit you buried from when you were 6-years-old.

I'll be the first to tell you that my way is not the easy road, but once you take that route, and get through it, I bet you'll come out stronger than you ever have.

It's how I live my life, facing my problems and issues head-on, front and centre, not avoiding or pretending.

Chiropractic adjustments help you deal with that shit, not just the pain you feel in your back.

It's not about that.

There's so much more involved than just pain.

As for my friend, there's only so much a person will want to do, and as much as I wish I could help, I know I have to respect people's choices.

And then I always hope the best for everyone.

Stand by the people you care about, do what you can do, reach out, and maybe they'll accept your help in the future.

If not, then keeping standing by them.

You can just stand.

In the meantime, I'll keep writing and educating and telling people how awesome chiropractic care is.


So, when did you last get adjusted?

I'll see you soon!

— Dr MaryAnne

Don't be that person

I don't think people understand the importance of getting their spines checked, adjusted, and keeping it healthy.

In fact, I KNOW they don't understand it.

And that's on me.

As a professional, a leader, an educator, and a healer who is passionate about helping people be healthier, feel great, and love their lives, it's a responsibility to keep sharing the benefits of chiropractic adjustments.

I'm not telling people enough how important it is to get adjusted.

Since November coming into this Winter season, I have noticed more and more people becoming so unwell with fevers, coughs, colds, headaches, pain, aches, stress - you name it.

Even worse, it's the children that are getting these symptoms over and over.

It's essential to keep the body in a healthy state so it can do what's necessary to purge the bacteria or virus which overwhelms the system.

(OK, I know. By now your eyes are glazing over and this email is getting dull. Your attention span is about 8 seconds before you hit the delete button.)

Stay with me.

I know everyone doesn't have a chiropractor in their family.

I get it.

When my husband and my kids are feeling poorly, they get adjusted every day, sometimes twice or three times a day! 

(It's very convenient and they're lucky, they know.)

Just think of it this way: you'd pop that paracetamol at least once a day, wouldn't you? 

Have you ever asked yourself (with a clear answer) why you're giving yourself or your kids paracetamol?

(Hint: it doesn't cure anything.)

Guess what?

My kids have never had a dose of antibiotics or paracetamol.


(Cue the shock, horror, scandal music.)

Some of you might think that's extreme.

I understand.

But, in my view, popping paracetamol (and by looking at the actual statistics worldwide, and the risks involved), it's an unnecessary drug for nearly all common fevers, coughs, and colds.

Children who are checked and adjusted regularly from as early as birth are healthier, get less illnesses, and are more aware of what their bodies can do.

The fear of being 'sick' is just not there.

Kids who get adjusted understand how their bodies work.

When I opened my practice, I sat on a dilemma, an obvious obstacle given that not everyone has a chiropractor in their family.

Pills and tablets are conveniently located in the medicine cabinet. But you can't have a chiropractor perched in there too.

(Wouldn't that be nice?)

So I created the Family Plan.

£200 a month for unlimited amount of adjustments (committing to a minimum of a 3-month plan).

Most people wait until they are in uncomfortable pain to get adjusted.

Don't be that person.

The whole point is to insert your adjustments in like another healthy act into your lifestyle.

And when you (or your child) are feeling poorly, that's when your body needs more help to stay in optimal function.

If you keep getting ill with coughs, colds, fevers, fatigue, digestive problems, or whatever, it's because your body is not efficiently able to heal.

That thing that's causing your body to feel like shit is lingering in there.

A well-functioning body will kill that efficiently and quickly, and be done with it.

The more you get adjusted during the time of unwellness, the better.

That's the formula.

My kids are adjusted every day when they're unwell, and my husband does too (he's a lot more work though).

So, sign up for the Family Plan, and get adjusted as much as you can this Winter.

Everyone in the household can get adjusted as much as you want when you sign up for the Family Plan.

People tell me all the time that after their adjustments, they can FEEL their bodies work better and feel better.

Paracetamol isn't what heals you.

It's your body doing all the work.

Now get your sniffling butts in here!

See you soon!

— Dr MaryAnne


Drinking port did not cure him

Last week was cray-cray.

Just one of those weeks.

Crazy, in a good way.

But still stressful.

My new au pair arrived.

My daughter had a spontaneous casting audition.

It was an intense work-out week (my trainer has us doing this super-duper Female Physique Project, which is awesome and I love it.) My muscles were screaming with soreness.

(You know that feeling when your butt and leg muscles are so sore, it hurts when you sit on the loo? That.)

I was organising my Clear Day for Sunday.

(It was amazing!)

Preparing my game face for it.

And then to top it all off (and what made it much more stressful), my husband was unwell.

Major headaches and sinusitis.

Once the professional (healer) side of me assessed that it wasn't a brain tumour or a stroke, the wife-side of me said, "Man flu."

My husband doesn't do unwellness well.

In fact, he's horrible at it.

The pain is unbearable.

Misery is not even close to describing his state.

More like on the brink-of-death state.

Nevertheless, when he gets like that, I feel sad.




I actually really don't like it when my husband is ill.

When someone in my family isn't feeling tip-top, it stresses me out.

I want my husband and my kids to always feel happy and full of healthy energy.

I call it being 'Energy Rich'!

And when they are 'Energy Poor', that really bums me out.

Not to mention that my husband is a pain in the tush.

So when my chiropractic hat goes on, I say, "OK, you need an adjustment. C'mere. Lay down"

And I adjusted my husband every day last week, sometimes twice a day.

At one point, he was in so much pain, he threatened to go to the GP.

In my view, the GP isn't going to be able to help any more than a pain tablet. Because the bottom line is, when you have a virus, you need to let your body do it's own healing without any resistance.

(He didn't go to the GP.)

So, after a couple days of rest, sleep, hot water bottles, TLC, and adjustments, my husband started to feel better.

I could tell he was better.

Then, Thursday evening, he thought maybe drinking a glass of port would help him heal more.

Friday he woke up feeling much better.

By Saturday morning he felt well enough to go to his Cambridge University annual drinking weekend. 

(I told him he shouldn't go because drinking copious amounts of alcohol with some old chums would probably NOT help his sinuses.)

He went anyway.

And he had a blast.

To be honest, I was so happy he went.

I was actually happy when he sent me this text, ""Quite inebriated indeed."

I was so relieved and pleased that he felt 'normal' enough to go on a drinking weekend.

What a HUGE relief.

The only problem is that now he teases me telling me that it was the port that cured him.

He knows that gets under my skin because I'm always telling him and the kids that it's your body healing itself and the chiropractic adjustments help the body heal better and faster.

But I'll take the humour from my husband any day over the unwellness.

Now get your tushes into the practice and get adjusted!

See you soon!

— Dr MaryAnne

It's a ruff ruff world out there right now

It's an ill-dog eat ill-dog world out there these days.

Seems like everyone - kids, babies, mums, dads - are coughing, feverish, miserable with some lurgy.

Everyone's fighting something.

And it seems like the lurgies are winning.

On my blog I've written a few posts about fevers and symptoms, and what most people do when that happens. 

See here and here.

Most people who I adjust know that my recommendation when the body is 'expressing health' (AKA 'being sick' to most people) is to:

  1. Get checked and adjusted as much as possible.
  2. Sleep.
  3. Stay Hydrated.
  4. Some good old-fashion TLC (everyone wants their mama when they are not feeling well).

One of my former chiropractic uni classmates and now a very successful and well-known chiropractor who practices in the States, Dr Don Clum, posted this excellent essay on children, fevers, and drugs. 

My blog posts were talking about the same thing.

But this time, I'm bowing and applauding to him.

His post is educational, thought-provoking, and to-the-point informative.

Check it out.


Now, come in and get your adjustments!

See you soon.

— Dr MaryAnne