Drinking port did not cure him

Last week was cray-cray.

Just one of those weeks.

Crazy, in a good way.

But still stressful.

My new au pair arrived.

My daughter had a spontaneous casting audition.

It was an intense work-out week (my trainer has us doing this super-duper Female Physique Project, which is awesome and I love it.) My muscles were screaming with soreness.

(You know that feeling when your butt and leg muscles are so sore, it hurts when you sit on the loo? That.)

I was organising my Clear Day for Sunday.

(It was amazing!)

Preparing my game face for it.

And then to top it all off (and what made it much more stressful), my husband was unwell.

Major headaches and sinusitis.

Once the professional (healer) side of me assessed that it wasn't a brain tumour or a stroke, the wife-side of me said, "Man flu."

My husband doesn't do unwellness well.

In fact, he's horrible at it.

The pain is unbearable.

Misery is not even close to describing his state.

More like on the brink-of-death state.

Nevertheless, when he gets like that, I feel sad.




I actually really don't like it when my husband is ill.

When someone in my family isn't feeling tip-top, it stresses me out.

I want my husband and my kids to always feel happy and full of healthy energy.

I call it being 'Energy Rich'!

And when they are 'Energy Poor', that really bums me out.

Not to mention that my husband is a pain in the tush.

So when my chiropractic hat goes on, I say, "OK, you need an adjustment. C'mere. Lay down"

And I adjusted my husband every day last week, sometimes twice a day.

At one point, he was in so much pain, he threatened to go to the GP.

In my view, the GP isn't going to be able to help any more than a pain tablet. Because the bottom line is, when you have a virus, you need to let your body do it's own healing without any resistance.

(He didn't go to the GP.)

So, after a couple days of rest, sleep, hot water bottles, TLC, and adjustments, my husband started to feel better.

I could tell he was better.

Then, Thursday evening, he thought maybe drinking a glass of port would help him heal more.

Friday he woke up feeling much better.

By Saturday morning he felt well enough to go to his Cambridge University annual drinking weekend. 

(I told him he shouldn't go because drinking copious amounts of alcohol with some old chums would probably NOT help his sinuses.)

He went anyway.

And he had a blast.

To be honest, I was so happy he went.

I was actually happy when he sent me this text, ""Quite inebriated indeed."

I was so relieved and pleased that he felt 'normal' enough to go on a drinking weekend.

What a HUGE relief.

The only problem is that now he teases me telling me that it was the port that cured him.

He knows that gets under my skin because I'm always telling him and the kids that it's your body healing itself and the chiropractic adjustments help the body heal better and faster.

But I'll take the humour from my husband any day over the unwellness.

Now get your tushes into the practice and get adjusted!

See you soon!

— Dr MaryAnne