Learn how to play Mozart in 12 lessons

Music has been very much around me in many ways all my life.

I used to play the piano from ages nine to seventeen.

I've been feeling the effects of music more, putting me in happier states and simply wanting to sing and dance.

Also, interestingly for some reason, a few of my newest practice members are music professionals.

You know what they say about the law of attraction? 

I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

Bottom line is, I love music.

Love it.

Which is why when I describe what Network Spinal Analysis and chiropractic is, I use the analogy of learning an instrument.

I don't use it for everyone (because some people have never really picked up an instrument, or can't remember what it felt like).

Still, I can also use the analogy for how adjustments work.

Lots of people who walk into my practice are in pain.

Lots of pain.

For years.

And often, many of these people have pretty messed up spines.

Locked up joints in the back.

Tight muscles.

Soreness and achiness.

Degeneration of the bones.


Loss of function and motion.

Not. Good.

No bueno.

So they sign up for the Wellness Package, 12 adjustments, hoping it'll be the answer to all their pain.

What I wanna say is "Do you think you'll learn how to play a Mozart piece after 12 lessons?"

Here's the answer.

No siree, Bob.

You might become more familiar with Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So.

But it ain't a symphony.

Which is why it's difficult to tell people the message.

The situation is simple.

You have a stressful life.

You work.

Many of you work at a desk hunched over.


Many of you have bad posture.

If you're lucky, your pain and poor health won't hit you until you're 50. Or 60.

If you're unlucky, you'll feel like shit in your early 20s.

Either way, taking action when your body is screaming for help is NOT the way to go.

The best way is to start NOW.

Some people take action when the body is whispering, "Ooouuuuch. Dooooo sooommmething."

And most people wait until they are fugked.

(It's not what I tell people in the practice, although I have a sneaking suspicion that most people already know that they are fugked. I don't really need to tell them.)

By the time people wait until that point where you need damage control, 12 adjustments is JUST THE BEGINNING.

It's only scratching the surface.

I'll give it to ya straight: most people need to commit to a year of regular care in order for their bodies to get to a much better state of health.

It's not for you?


I respect everyone's choice.

The important point is that it's my responsibility to INFORM everyone.

And I'll keep informing you.

Over and over and over again.

That's how important it is.

So, do you want to learn only how to play do, re, mi, fa, so on the piano?

Or would you like to learn how to smash Eine Kleine Nachtmusik?

Well, it's going to take more than 12 sessions for that to happen.

Up to you.

See you at your next adjustment!

— Dr MaryAnne

It's a ruff ruff world out there right now

It's an ill-dog eat ill-dog world out there these days.

Seems like everyone - kids, babies, mums, dads - are coughing, feverish, miserable with some lurgy.

Everyone's fighting something.

And it seems like the lurgies are winning.

On my blog I've written a few posts about fevers and symptoms, and what most people do when that happens. 

See here and here.

Most people who I adjust know that my recommendation when the body is 'expressing health' (AKA 'being sick' to most people) is to:

  1. Get checked and adjusted as much as possible.
  2. Sleep.
  3. Stay Hydrated.
  4. Some good old-fashion TLC (everyone wants their mama when they are not feeling well).

One of my former chiropractic uni classmates and now a very successful and well-known chiropractor who practices in the States, Dr Don Clum, posted this excellent essay on children, fevers, and drugs. 

My blog posts were talking about the same thing.

But this time, I'm bowing and applauding to him.

His post is educational, thought-provoking, and to-the-point informative.

Check it out.


Now, come in and get your adjustments!

See you soon.

— Dr MaryAnne

This is why you can't cope with your crazy life

Imagine having debilitating pain every day and all you can do is stay in bed because it's nearly impossible to walk.

Imagine being in so much pain that you can no longer go to work and you have to quit your job.

Imagine having to rely on disability from the State because of that.

Imagine not being able to take care of your child because you can't take them to school or make a simple meal because you can't even stand for more than 10 minutes at a time.

Imagine this ruling your life for months.

Or even years.

That's definitely not living.

Imagine being told that spinal surgery is the only way, and it's extremely risky.

What do you do?

What can you do?

This is what happened to one of my practice members.

She needed to know that she had tried everything before going under the knife.

That's when she did more research and discovered my practice, and more specifically, Network Spinal Analysis.

It's the technique I use mainly with everyone.

Now, after four months in (with dedication, patience, and commitment) she's improved tremendously, to the point that she is convinced that she doesn't need any other intervention.

Certainly not surgery.

Lately she's been dealing with an enormous amount of stress, something that would create havoc in anyone's life.

She's amazed because with all the stress involved, and all the challenges she has to face on a daily basis, she is fully aware that she's been handling herself very well.

Her coping mechanisms have changed, and she's been able to stay calm and cool during this tough time.

How does chiropractic play into all of this, you ask?

Well, if your spine and body is rigid as a pole, doesn't move properly, and has had years of damage and degeneration, how do you think you'd feel?

The way you feel and the quality of your life is a direct reflection of the health and shape of your spine.

Six months ago when my practice member had no answers, handicapped from her pain, and unable to be a good mum, she never knew she'd be able to heal and recover AND be happy after just four months of regular chiropractic care.

When she signed up for her regular chiropractic care, she committed to it, and was determined to allow her body the time it needed to heal.

How many people try to lose weight, gain muscle, and get a new body in one or two months?

Most people know that's just unrealistic.

The same thing goes with healing.

It takes months, sometimes years for people to heal and transform their health.

It's also an ongoing process through life to keep yourself in good health.

As long as you're living, there's always a need (and a way) to become a more fulfilled and happy human being.

Chiropractic isn't a quick-fix. And I certainly don't do the fixing.

Your body does.

Why wait?

Get adjusted now and continue your healing journey!

See you soon!

— Dr MaryAnne

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