They think you're stupid

They think you're stupid

No one can decide who you are and what you should do and who you can be. Only you can.

You've won the lottery

A few weekends ago, my son and I went to Paris.

My sister needed help.

So I went.

My sister didn't want my whole zoo-clan packed in her space, so I had to choose one of my monkeys.

Eenie-meenie miney-mo.

I chose my son because it was his turn for some 'mummy-and-me' time.

We were in one of my go-to shops in Paris to stock up on some cool French stuff and Max started to whine about something. 

(I don't even remember what it was about.)

I just stopped cold in my tracks.

"Really Max? You're complaining? Really?"

Oh no. I wasn't havin' it.

Right there in the shop I just gave him this life lesson.

Nip that shitz in the bud.

There is no complaining when in Paris.

There is no crying in baseball.

And there is no complaining in Paris.

(Yeah right - try telling that to all the other French living there.)

Especially not after you've eaten a fresh pain au chocolat. And you're in a cool Parisian shop. With your mum. On a mummy/son trip. Together. Without your sisters.

Oh hell no.

There is NO complaining allowed.

Then I started to remind him about what he's grateful for.

We made a list.

"Max, gimme 5 things you're grateful for."

When my kids start complaining about the stupidest stuff, I just stop them right there and say, "No. You do NOT get to complain right now."

One of my favourite dudes to watch, listen, follow and learn from is Gary Vaynerchuk

Love him.

He often talks about how being a human being is like winning the lotto. Here's another good one too.

And that there's no room to complain

(More good videos here, here, and here.)

Ok, kids are kids, and they will winge and whine and complain 'til the cows come home.

But, inside all of that, there's definitely a life lesson to be learned.

All I can do is speak for my kids and their situation.

They have no room to complain.

As soon as they start whining about some stupid thing, like how they wanted another biscuit and someone else had one more than they did, I give them 'the look', and I make them switch into 'what are you grateful for' mode.

STOP complaining. 

START declaring to yourself what you're grateful for in your day. 

How about listing 5 things you're grateful for each week?

It can be as simple as, "I slept well last night."

Or, "I ate one of my favourite meals."

Or, "I finished a great book."

Or, "I got laid."


Just be grateful for it.

Start small. Work up to big. 

One step at a time.

Watch what happens.

Have fun!

— Dr MaryAnne

PS - How about being grateful for getting adjusted and getting a great massage? Haven't done that in a while? Book those now!

The Womanly Arts


A few weeks ago I sent out an email asking you if you’ve said, “I love you” to someone recently.

Many of you responded to assure me that you had said a few ‘I-love-yous’ that morning. Excellent! It’s so important to say that regularly to the people you love.

Now, what about you? 

How well do you treat yourself? How selfish are you? What have you done today that gives you, and only you, pleasure?

You know when you’re in a plane and during the flight safety presentation they tell you to put the oxygen mask on yourself before you reach over and put it on anyone else? Yeah, that's because you can't help anyone if you’re having a hard time staying alive. Pretty common sense, right?

But that’s not automatically something we do on a regular basis.

Self-care. That’s more important than anything else.

Back when I was single and living in New York, I discovered a fantastic, brilliant institute which held seminars for women.

It’s called Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts.

I learned so much about myself and about what lights me up and gives me pleasure and happiness in my life. 

The ‘Womanly Arts’ didn’t come automatic to me, yet as I learned them, they became more and more natural to me. That's because they are.

It gave me the tools and understanding about me in these ways:

  1. Live and lead my life through my desires.
  2. There’s always a choice in life, and those choices have to be driven by pleasure.
  3. Focus on what what lights me up, puts a smile on my face, and makes me want to dance.
  4. Take care of myself with the highest level of care and respect.
  5. Do something everyday that gives me pleasure and allows me to see how grateful I am for my life.

What? You say? This is totally NOT what we're used to. That’s because we live in a culture where we're taught to hold back, put ourselves second or third, we judge, we make excuses, and we end up becoming miserable in the process.

Alongside that misery is usually poor health, pain, and low energy.

An essential part of self-care is knowing how to keep yourself healthy and feeling good. 

Chiropractic fits into this equation pretty damn well.

Chiropractic is about keeping your spine balanced. Making sure your central nervous system, the master system of the body, clear of interferences.

Getting adjusted regularly enhances the functioning of your whole body because everything is well connected. 

And, an added bonus: good posture is attractive.

Stop making excuses. Stop putting yourself second. Do something for yourself. Choose what you desire.

And we all desire good health and feeling great.

See you at your next adjustment!